Photography by Philipe de Sablet

Photography by Philipe de Sablet


Written By Jessica Lanyadoo

This week, there’s a changing of the guards as Mercury, Venus, and Mars move into new signs (on the 5th, 9th, and 10th respectively). These shifts can mark a time when things either get deeper and more fertile, or more spread out and chaotic. The mental energy of Mercury in Virgo and Mars in Aquarius drive us to find answers, while Venus in Scorpio seeks depth. The things you have control over are what you choose to give your attention to and the quality of your consideration. Try not to spread yourself too thin or to lose sight of the bigger picture, my love. Depending on your nature, the little things can be either a distraction or what you need to dedicate more attention to. When in doubt, seek balance.

Around the 7th, the Sun will sit opposite anxiety-provoking Neptune. This transit confronts us with what we don’t know, and because of that it can provoke anxiety, exhaustion, and demoralization. This isn’t a great time for seeking understanding, but it’s an excellent one for seeking beauty, empathy, and spirituality. The potential here is that you find grace instead of answers, but the danger is that your impatience or your feelings will generate so much unrest that you create mountains out of molehills. Remember to breathe, and that this – like all other transits – is a chance to grow and to heal. Bring your presence to the parts of yourself or your day that feel too hard to bear, and show them kindness. There are other days for commitments and answers. The 6th-8th is for reaffirming your relationship with yourself as a foundation for how you relate to the world around you and the people in it.

There's a New Moon in discerning Virgo on the 9th. This week marks a shift and an opening. This is an excellent time to redefine your relationship to your body in efforts to make it a healthier one.

Take a moment to look in the mirror (or if vision is an issue, replace all of this advice with feel/touch). Don’t look for marks on your skin or signs of perfection or imperfection. Be interested in your face. Really look at it, and really get to know it. This body is yours. BS beauty standards of the moment will inevitably pass out of fashion. What you look like is interesting, but in the grand scheme of your spiritual wellbeing, it doesn’t mean much. You are not your face, but your face is you. Be kind and supportive to it. Be interested in what you look like without criticism or judgment, and if that's hard to do, just have compassion for yourself. Make friends with your beauty and your ugliness. Embrace the skin you're in, my love.




March 21-April 19

You can take on other people’s traumas and dramas, but that won’t help you or anyone else one bit. It is far more important to show up and be present than it is to try to fix things for others, dear Aries. This week your relationships are in a subtle but deeply important state of flux. How you proceed will lay the framework for what’s to come, so tread with compassion, not pity. Bear witness to your loved ones in a way that makes them feel seen, rather than making them feel like your project.



April 20-May 20

Are you a good friend to yourself? No matter how reliable your willpower is, even you have limits, Taurus. This week you’re likely to find that you’ve taken on more than you can handle in an emotionally present way. While that’s inevitable at least some of the time, it’s important that you respond sagely this week. Try your best to engage in healthy self-care habits so that even if what you really need is to check out, you can do it in ways that won’t create extra problems for you in the morning.



May 21-June 21

Everyone is going through it, and this makes it even harder for you to resist distractions. Things are changing, Twin Star, and it’s not clear in what way or where it’ll take you. You can hold on tight, totally let go, or try to ride the current, but it’s time to make a choice. This week’s New Moon is an especially fertile time for you to pick a lane. Align yourself with what you need so that you can respond with intention to what you’ve got, my love.



June 22-July 22

Your circumstances are likely to kick up some uncomfortable feelings this week, and it’s wise to sit in those emotions. If you rush away in effort to fix something that isn’t broken, you’ll end up further from well-being and more confused to boot. You have such an easy time sharing that strength of character with others; practice embodying it for your own sweet and salty self, Moonchild. Sitting with difficulties may feel like inactivity, but it’s really a much-needed kindness.



July 23-Aug. 22

You’re ready to make some bold moves in the direct of what you want, but it’s important that you do it with care, Leo. If you push too hard or too fast, you’re likely to kick up resistance. Strive to act in concert with the people around you and in the environments in which you seek safe harbor. This isn’t about compromising your vision, but it is about adapting your needs to consider and reflect the needs of others too. You can have it all but not all at once, my love.



Aug. 23-Sept. 22

If you can put aside your resistance to being changed, your fears of being wrong, and your desire for it all to “make sense,” you’ll quickly gain the very clarity you seek, Virgo. Your problem isn’t one of understanding, it’s one of motivation. If you can clarify what you want to get from your goals, your plans themselves will more gracefully crystalize for you. The hardest way isn’t the best or the only way. Seek your simplest foundational truth this week.



Sept. 23-Oct. 22

You’re on the right path and pointed in the right direction, but that doesn’t mean that you’re getting exactly what you want. It’s confusing, but don’t fixate too much on the prize while you’re in the middle of the game. It’s important that you allow for your ambitions to shift as you move through your process; as you gain momentum, you’re likely to find that you are changed by the journey you’re on and what you uncover of yourself on it. Take it one day at a time, my love.



Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The struggles you’re engaged in are not meant to oppress you; they’re meant to help you gain clarity. Sometimes knowing what you don’t want is as powerful as knowing what you do want. This week, you will have the choice to fall back on your old foolishness or find a new way. The former is easier in the short-term, but it ultimately puts off the inevitable – change. Breathe and seek the most peaceful path instead of the “best answer”, dear Scorpio.



Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Ready, set, go! Get ready for a burst of energy, sweet Sagittarius, and make sure you consciously direct it. There’s what you want right now and then what you want down the road. Make sure that you’re not sacrificing your future for some momentary or fleeting gain in the present. You can have it all if you creatively pace yourself and your commitments. Strive to strike a balance between the big picture and the myriad of little things demanding your attention, this week.



Dec. 22-Jan. 19

When you’re right with yourself, it’s so much easier to manage the inevitable compromises that you need to make in life. This week you're likely to feel guided in a new or different direction than you expected to be, but try to go with it, Capricorn. Staying the same is only a good thing for a period of time; growth requires change, and change yields instability. Embrace the process, even as you’re still developing your vision for where it’s taking you.




Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Uncertainty is no fun, but it can also be a really fertile state. Seek the potential in what you don’t know, what has yet to develop, and what is possible but not guaranteed. As Mars enters your sign this week, you’re likely to have a boost of energy, but that isn’t the same as clarity. Get intentional so that you can leverage your motivation into inspired action, Aquarius. You’re ready to step into the unknown to co-create something better.




Feb. 19-March 20

There can be a fine line between deferring to others and considering their needs. This week, you may want to make a change that adversely impacts the people around you. This may or may not be the right thing for you to do, but for sure you need to approach things with careful consideration. While you can’t please all the people all of the time, you don’t get a pass for your own inconsiderate behavior either. Do your thing and bear the consequences, Pisces.