by Hoodwitch
photography by Michael Anaya

photography by Michael Anaya

The Snow Supermoon on the 19th of February brought many hidden emotions to light, allowing us to see situations and relationships that are not working for our highest purpose. While we have been given the cosmic chance to make changes, under the Full Moon, this week serves as the emotional aftermath. Now that the truth has been exposed, and the Moon has given us insight, we can move forward with knowledge and clarity.

This week is energetically less fanatic. However, it is a bit melancholy as we are all cutting the cord on partnerships and alliances that need to be ended.

Communication planet Mercury and philosophical Jupiter allow us to openly discuss relationships on February 22nd, offering a new perspective on matters. The 22nd also brings a powerful connection between Venus and Pluto, which will deepen our desire for connection, while bringing power struggles out in the open. Keep in mind, the struggle can manifest in how we feel about ourselves, as well as others, causing insecurities to reach a feverish high. Pluto is asking us to transform how we love and nurture. Relationships with others and the self can evolve, only if we are ready to change our core beliefs and foundations.

Mercury and Pluto connect on the 23rd, offering insights into transformation. Mercury and Pluto are two Gods who notoriously get along with each other. The 23rd and the 25th is a good day to implement your desires into reality, as Venus brings inspiration to Mercury on the 25th.

Venus aligns with the South Node of Destiny on the 26th, making us all feel emotionally stunted, love sick, and financially drained. It’s essential that we all take extra care of ourselves on the 26th. Later in the day, Mercury brings hope our way, by softly aspecting  the North Node of Destiny, under the Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius.

The week will force us all to adjust our beliefs, by letting go of the past. Change and growth is hard. However, we can do it, together one step at a time. Be extra gentle and kind to yourself and others this week. Please check in with people who are going through a hard time. It’s important to stay connected this week. We all need to feel loved.


March 21-April 19

Your natural born leadership skills will take you to great heights on the 22nd, allowing you to step into your masterful role of authority figure. The caveat is that while you are comfortable in this position, it doesn’t necessarily make you happy to be out of touch with your peers. The Last Quarter Moon on the 26th makes you take a step back and transition into a more refined sense of being, putting your professional visions on the back burner and focusing more on evolving your personal life and relationships. With the South Node galvanizing the career sector of your chart, you’re desiring time away from the limelight and in need of extra self care this week. Try taking a hot bath and treating yourself to massage. After all, you’ve certainly earned yourself a day of self-care.


April 20-May 20

In the past you have found ways to turn your pain into healing. This week, you are using past upsets to inspire others to heal and transform. Whether it be by holding stage with a group of individuals or posting motivational messages on social media, you are inspiring others to transform on the 22nd, using your personal story as the basis for others to heal. You are stepping into your life path as a healer, encouraging others with wisdom and truth on the 26th. With your confidence at a high, you will be able to encourage and inspire  others to find their place in the world. Most importantly, you will be more assured and positive than ever, especially during the Last Quarter Moon, as you have the desire to take back your personal power and use your personal magic to help the collective.


May 21-June 21

The 22nd causes you to feel exposed within partnerships, as you feel as though others can see into your personal partnerships, mostly due to public displays of affection. While this might cause any other person to blush, you are feeling extra protective of your life, which may cause you to run away and hide. Implementing boundaries on the 22nd is important for you to avoid being the subject of public scrutiny. The 25th will also bring its onset of challenges, making you desperate for alone time, as the face you put on for others exhausts you. Even though you are used to having a dualistic personality, you are not a superficial being. Any opportunity that forces you to be fake, like the 25th, will take a massive affect on your psyche. The Last Quarter Moon will be tough, making you want to crawl up at home and have some quality time recharging your batteries.


June 22-July 22

Committing to another is often challenging for most people, especially for you, Cancer. Known to honor security and safety more than most, this week brings an onset of anxieties around commitments in relationships to a head. The 22nd will bring out power struggles within partnerships, as you are both too focused on having the last word than mending fences. There is a transformative energy that is possible  on the 22nd, if you are open to changing your core fundamental beliefs and behaviors. Pluto is asking you to change how you partner and perceive commitment on the 22nd, while the South Node and Venus are making you love sick on the 26th. All of this energy can make you feel lost, or it can help guide you to a new place of love within partnerships. The Last Quarter Moon on the 26th encourages you to do the work, but only if you are ready.


July 23-August 22

Secrets and clandestine activities regarding love may cause unnecessary paranoia on the 22nd, as past indiscretions come out to haunt you. While you may spend the better half of the week confused as to how and why such issues are being revealed, don’t let yourself become to caught up in the matter. Instead of harboring on the past, own your part in the situation and break away from the issue. Even if you feel as though you are not being represented in the right light, it’s best to put the drama away and move forward. The 25th will cause tensions to rise, as you may feel unable to trust those in your social sphere. Try to create trust within your relationships, or only engage with those you can rely on. The Last Quarter Moon occurring on the 26th offers a fresh start, if you are open to a new beginning with yourself and others.


August 23-September 22

Passions run deep on the 22nd, forcing you to reevaluate current relationships and flirtations. Annoyances and frustrations will surface, as you feel taken for granted by those you care about deeply. All of these feelings will trigger you to see your emotional patterns and hopefully motivate you to heal yourself (with the help of others). While the energy may bring on intense emotions, you are given the cosmic chance to heal childhood traumas and issues. The 25th will further rock the foundation of relationships, forcing you to connect with like minded individuals on the 26th. The Last Quarter Moon gives you the chance to feel connected to a force bigger than yourself, if you let go of attachments and situations no longer serving your best interest. Meditating on the 26th will bring you to a state of higher consciousness, allowing you to be a part of the greater good and community.


Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The past week has left you feeling exhausted, especially after the Supermoon on the 19th. You may feel depleted and in the mood to spend time alone to restore balance. However, getting rest may be challenging this week. The 22nd brings a crisis of sorts to your personal life, creating conflicts that hit close to home. The innate yearning you have for stability will force you to feel off-center and thrown for a loop. The 26th doesn’t really help mend such issues. However, it offers another viewpoint and option towards resolution. While you may feel under attack this week, try to take time to yourself to think matters through carefully. Ask for help. Don’t try to take everything on yourself. Remember, people want to help to support you. However, you need to let them know when you are feeling overwhelmed, otherwise they will not be able to come to your aid. Also, rest. Take time for yourself and breathe.


Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This week allows you to make amends with others. While you are motivated to heal situations and relationships, the most important person you need to forgive is yourself. Apologizing to enemies or those we may have wronged is easy. But, making peace within oneself is extremely hard. The 22nd brings frustrations out, resulting in a long drawn out argument on the 25th and 26th. The Last Quarter Moon on the 26th acts as a wake up call, allowing you to come to terms with the fact that you are not mad at the other party, rather annoyed at yourself. Rather than beat oneself up (as most of us often do) for past mistakes, be gentle with yourself. Calm the harsh judgements inside your head by making a list of all your positive attributes. Squash the criticisms in your head with self compassion and empathy. You are learning and growing. Think positively. Most importantly, be patient with yourself. Healing is a process and takes time.


Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Your spirituality may be in question this week, causing your confidence to take a hit. Spiritual confidence is a belief that unites a person with the self, allowing for inner happiness and development to take place. Spiritual confidence is more about having a connection to the world and self, not necessarily religion. In order to attain true happiness or nirvana, one must be open to life’s possibilities and opportunities. This week may cause you to question your role in society, bringing up questions of belonging on the 22nd and 25th. The one take away from this week is that you will learn how to navigate your way to a deeper soulful consciousness by lessening your attachment to materialism. The 22nd and 26th open your eyes to a new spiritual awareness, one that will allow you transcend towards the spiritual world, by shifting your mind away from possessions, allowing you to see the other pleasures life has to offer.


Dec. 22-Jan. 19

This week brings up old insecurities, as you feel unseen by others. The 22nd and 26th bring these issues to the surface, as Pluto and the South Node of Destiny bring up inner conflicts, just as Venus lowers personal confidence and heightens anxieties. Remember, you are known, exist, belong, and are accepted by others. The issue lays deep within your mind. The only way to feel absolutely understood by others is to see yourself clearly. While it may be hard to accept your awesomeness, try to give yourself small compliments to start. Look in the mirror every morning and say something kind to yourself. Glamour yourself with confidence and esteem to empower your mind. This will open your heart to the greatest love of all—yourself. Give yourself a big  hug this week and be more sensitive to your own needs and less critical to yourself, as well.


Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The 22nd and 26th force you to keep your inner desires and feelings hidden, as you are unsure how to express your emotions to others. You will receive a boost of confidence on the 25th, inspiring you to connect with your peers, or those who understand your struggles. This week helps you learn how to express yourself to others, even if you feel emotionally uncomfortable. Try visualizing and practicing your approach this week before confronting those you may have issues with. Learn to be concise and thorough, as well as kind in your delivery. Accepting your emotions is the most important step towards expressing your heart, and learning to openly discuss issues with your peers is important. Repressing animosity will lead to deeper issues  and frustrations to consume your mind. Discussing problems and letting go of anger will help build trust. By week’s end, you will have successfully navigated through your dilemma and build a stronger foundation with those you care about.


Feb. 19-March 20

It’s time to let go of fear, Pisces! This week calls for you to shift your mindset, allowing you to reset your spirit, heart, and mind. Fear is paralyzing you, consuming your mind. You are more indecisive than usual, which is causing you to feel increasingly anxious and frustrated. All of these reasons are enough to shift your consciousness towards a new state of being. Try to be mindful of your emotions on the 22nd and 25th, as you may create roadblocks within yourself which will hold you back from achieving your truest goals. Under the Last Quarter Moon on February 26th, choose to look your phobias in the eye. Be brave and honest with yourself. Cut the cord on all your false mindsets, in order to achieve peace, which will in return enable you to achieve your truest dreams.