by Hoodwitch

Written by Lisa Stardust

This week brings endings and beginnings into play, which may be fortuitous for us all if we use the energy to our advantage. Letting go of the past isn’t easy. However, we are given the rare cosmic chance to reevaluate circumstances one last time, before moving forward. The universe is forcing us to see who and what we want to release, transform, and evolve. 

February 27th brings our passions into focus, as the Pisces Sun and Mars, who is stampeding forward in Taurus, allow us to embrace the parts of our lives that brings us joy. While we may be consumed with mixed emotions consisting of desire, rage, pleasure, or pain, we are given the opportunity to harbor and create new visions for ourselves. 

March 1st is a powerful day. Tender Venus, who will be at the last degree of Capricorn, squares off with erratic Uranus, who is also at the 29th degree of Aries. This cardinal frustration will bring sudden financial and romantic endings into gear. Try not to get too upset or lost in frustration on the 1st. Remember, every new beginning comes from an ending. Change is hard, yet inevitable. Also, transformation doesn’t guarantee misery. Relationships and financial circumstances can evolve to become bigger and better than before. Later in the day, on March 1st, Venus switches signs, entering airy Aquarius. The Goddess of love and money will now become more open-minded and progressive. It’s a great time to change financial investments and to update our views on love, in order to keep up with the times 

Healing asteroid Chiron softly connects with Venus on March 2nd, lending a sympathetic ear and heart to emotional upsets caused on March 1st (from the clash heard around the world from Venus and Uranus). 

Mercury Retrograde officially kicks off March 5th, forcing the story that started February 19th (when Mercury entered the pre-retrograde shadow) to swim to new depths. Mercury retrograde will bring confusion, illusions, and deceptions to light. Listen to your spirit guides and psychic visions. Mercury will be swimming backwards through the mystical sees of Pisces until March 28th, clearing the post-retrograde zone on April 16th. Old ghosts, friends, and lovers will resurface over the next four weeks. Emotions will be high—which is why it’s important to take extra care of ourselves.  

In order to survive Mercury Retrograde, try out these witch tips for dealing with the anxieties and confusion of the next four weeks:

-Sage your space and dwelling. Make sure you have an intention, in order to  affectively cleanse your home or office space of any negativity. 

-Use lemon infusions in the bath, shower, food, and beverages to aid in clarity, as lemon (and all citrus) are the fruits of Mercury. 

-Learn to rely on your pendulum for answers in divination. Trust your guides when reading tarot cards and astrology charts. 

-Most importantly, listen to your intuition. If a situation doesn’t feel right, trust your gut

We must all try to be kind and compassionate this week. Not only to others, but also to ourselves. We all will need a big hug by week’s end.


March 21-April 19

This week helps to squash your insecurities, by offering a boost to your confidence. You will be offered the opportunity to overcome your fears on the 27th, when your planetary ruler, Mars, and the Sun softly connect, inspiring you to pursue your dream . March 1st brings unexpected professional  surprises your way, allowing you the financial capability to start work on your goals. Venus’s ingress into airy Aquarius on March 1st, helps to connect you with peers who can help to create your visions. Mercury’s backwards spin on the 5th acts as a catalyst for inspiration, enabling you to start to create your dream projects into reality. Prepare yourself for the future this week. Make a checklist to start planning your desires. By week’s end you will have a clear vision of where you’re headed. 

April 20-May 20

The 27th upgrades your status amongst your peers, giving you the motivation to pursue your innermost aspirations. However, March 1st brings insecurities around creative and professional endeavors out to play. Instead of feeling like a lone Bull, try to openly discuss your issues with others. Open up and talk about career setbacks you may be experiencing. You will find on the 1st, that you are on the right path to fulfillment, mostly because you’ve aligned your career goals with your life goals. With these two working hand in hand, you will find there’s nothing you can’t achieve. Meditate on your personal objectives this week and take time out of your schedule to focus on yourself. Mercury’s moonwalk on the 5th will force you to take time away from the public eye and assert your powerful charisma on yourself, through self-care. 

May 21-June 21

It’s hard to be you, Gemini! Often times you overcompensate for the slack from others, even rationalizing their behavior. While February 27th makes you feel a little topsy turvy in gaining control of situations and others, March 1st allows you to take no prisoners, letting you you assert your will over others. However, March 2nd may make you feel guilty being the boss, as healing asteroid Chiron aspects tender Venus, leading your softer sensitive twin to take the lead. Mercury retrograde will bring change to the public sector of your chart, allowing you to get your career opportunities flowing. Be careful with your decisions and alliances, as the public may not understand your stance on professional matters. With your friends and colleagues by your side, the world is your oyster. 

June 22-July 22

March 1st brings power struggles within relationships to a head, causing partnerships to explode. The flip side, is that you may suddenly be consumed with a new relationship. Regardless of the circumstances, be prepared to have your world rocked in a very public way. All this chaos and change may prove to be too much excitement for your protective self, leading you to curl up into a cocoon over the weekend. The 1st also brings you the opportunity to take back control of a romance gone wrong, by implementing new zest to the partnership. You may even be inspired to work on your trust issues on the 2nd, through the healing hands of Chiron. The 5th brings hope your way, through Mercury’s backwards journey in the philosophical sector of your chart, giving you new insights through spirituality.

July 23-August 22

Oh, what a tangled web you’ve weaved for yourself, Leo! This week brings big surprises your way—not all for the better. February 27th brings minor professional embarrassments your way, as you feel as through you are the butt of the office joke. The reason for your insecurities is solely based on your fiery desire for success, which led you to make impulsive decisions. March 1st brings your clandestine affairs to light, even making you the subject of gossip. Fear not, Leo! You have the chance on the 1st to spin the dynamic and tilt the odds in your favor, simply by regaining composure and making a joke out of your setbacks. Taking responsibility will help you to regain your power on the 5th. Mercury’s retrograde cruise will help you reassess such issues, helping you to regain control and composure. 

August 23-September 22

Relationships may be complex this week, as you are redefining boundaries within partnerships. February 27th forces you to look deep within relationships, allowing you to seek a higher purpose and vision with your partner. This may manifest through the desire to commit on a deeper level, with the aim to merge both your body, mind, and spirit together. While this may seem peachy in the beginning of the week, the weekend brings issues within partnerships to a boil. March 1st creates tensions to rise, as both of you yearn for freedom and boundaries within your partnership. Let your partner seek independence and autonomy. Aim to redefine your relationship on your terms. Loosening the reigns will help bring you closer together, especially during Mercury’s tailspin backwards. You do not have to adhere to societal norms, take the route that works best for you—not the other way around. 

September 23-October 22

This week will make you feel off balance. Use February 27th to implement new regimes, such as reiki, around alleviating anxieties and stresses. Focus on meditating and unwind with a hot salt bath on the 27th to detox your body, because the weekend is full of rocking aspects for you. March 1st brings unexpected drama to relationships. Unfortunately, you may feel your sense of security shift on the 1st. Try to keep a level head, as March 2nd will help mend fences and your heart—due to a deeper understanding of your situation and relationships brought to you by Venus and healing asteroid Chiron. Mercury retrograde will give you a chance to reconnect with yourself on a deeper level, while easing your mind. Your chakras will feel attuned by the end of the transit, allowing you to feel empowered and strong. 

October 23-November 21

An old relationship resurfaces on February 27th, making you uncertain of yourself. You will spend the better part of the week questioning whether it’s worth revisiting the past. March 1st tempts you to causally engage with this person of interest. Be careful, you may wind up arguing rather than enjoying a light flirtation. March 5th reconciles your differences, and even pushes you to take the plunge into your past and start a new journey with your former romantic partner. Before diving head first, light a candle for yourself to protect your energy, this will help you to not get consumed by this person. The candle may even inspire you to keep things light and be friends. Regardless of the path you choose, you are given cosmic permission to heal old relationships and emotional upsets.   

November 22-December 21

Personal issues will consume your mind this week, due to life-changing events that will shift your fundamental beliefs. February 27th brings these dilemmas into focus. However, you are granted cosmic reprieve from the drama on the 27th, as the universe is allowing you to choose how to proceed. While it may be hard to pick the right avenue, you will be guided by your friends and family throughout the week, especially on March 5th (when Mercury begins its retrograde journey). They will support you through thick and thin, helping to manifest your dreams. Their encouragement will lead you to win, as they will believe in you—even when you don’t. You will get a boost of confidence over the weekend, due to healing asteroid Chiron, after you set boundaries with others on March 1st.

December 22-January 19

Your mind will be on information overload this week, which will cause you to seek refuge by yourself. February 27th will bring secrets out in the open, making you question your relationships. Try to stay centered and grounded on March 1st.  Bombshells and unexpected news will come your way, most of which will cause you to hide from the ongoing drama and speculation (upon you and others). Taking the high road may be hard for you this weekend, while situations may trigger you to take a stand. March 5th will make you contemplate running away from the world, if only for a few days, to gather your thoughts and process recent events. Don’t allow yourself to be a part of unnecessary drama. Set boundaries with yourself and others.  Also, be cautious with who you engage with. Most importantly, be easy on yourself this week, sweet sea-goat.

January 20-February 18

February 27th acts as a catalyst for growth, as the Pisces Sun and Mars push you to transform your relationship with yourself and money. March 1st pushes you to discuss your passions and fears, when Venus and your modern planetary ruler, Uranus, square off, setting off a chain of metamorphic results. Later in the day, on March 1st, Venus aligns with your Sun, allowing you to gain the confidence to set your plans in motion. March 2nd allows you to give yourself extra love, when healing asteroid Chiron changes the inner dialogue within yourself. Mercury’s backwards journey, which begins March 5th, will be game changing for you. The focus for the next few weeks will be solely on spiritual pursuits, as you choose to leave the material world behind in search of enlightenment.

February 19-March 20

While you often get lost in emotions, February 27th allows you to shoot from the hip, with blunt words and feelings. You may even express your deepest sentiments to others, exposing your hidden emotions. Your recent frankness may cause issues with your friends and colleagues, as they are not used to your direct attitude. Don’t despair, your kindness will shine on March 2nd, enabling you to repair issues with others. You are evolving your confidence and will, while also bridging the gap between your dreams and desires this week. March 5th kicks off Mercury’s backstroke on your Sun, which may make you feel unseen by others. This is why it’s extra important for you to assert yourself in the beginning of the week when you have the opportunity to be heard, in order to set the stage for personal domination.