by Hoodwitch

Astrology by Lisa Stardust for The Hoodwitch

After the Taurus Full Moon on the 12th, our minds and hearts are in desperate need to find out the truth — no matter the emotional cost. The Scorpio Sun and Pluto, who’s in Capricorn, aim to get to the bottom of all matters on the 13th — even if it hurts. Mercury, who’s retrograde in Scorpio, connects with Saturn, who’s wandering in pragmatic Capricorn, and Neptune, who’s retrograde in illusive Pisces, on the 13th. Although Pluto is pushing us to uncover facts, we may not be able to completely unmask all deceptions — which will make emotional frustrations and paranoias to surface. The following day, Venus, who’s fired up in Sagittarius, and Neptune retrograde square off, forcing us to believe the lie. Be careful on the 14th, as we may be emotionally manipulated by others who don’t have our best interests at heart. Conversely, we may want to ride the rapturous waves and live in the fairy tale. The week rounds off with Mars entering Scorpio on the 19th, which will get to the bottom of all matters through determination and will. 

~Witchtips & Horoscopes for the Week Ahead~


March 21 - April 19

You’re taking a higher minded approach to evaluating relationships this week. Allow yourself to step outside the box and observe the partnership from a different viewpoint. This will inspire you to change the way you  interact with others or demand respect from your peers. You’re now able to mend relationships and start fresh with others. Try to keep up the work you’re doing on yourself. Don’t let your new found vibe fall by the waste-side.


April 20 - May 20

Your hopes and desires will soar this week, along with your passion for freedom and pleasure. The only issue is that you’ll be tempted to throw out convention, which may not bode so well for the part of you that craves stability. The world is your oyster and you are now living in the moment. Inspire yourself and try at a new spiritual practice that will transcend your mind, heart, and spirit into different realms. 


May 21 - June 20

Create your own coven with like-minded friends who inspire you and can help you manifest your dreams. With power and energy of the collective, you will be able to call on their support to aid in your magical sensibilities. Not only will your coven serve as a source of magical support, they will also become like family by fostering an environment in which you can all inspire and motivate each other to become better people. 


June 21 - July 22

You’re looking to bring the spark back into the boudoir. Perhaps sacred sex magic can help you experience yourself or your partner on a deeper level. Meditating and clearing your mind before engaging in sex magic (solo or with someone else) will help you to be more present. Every touch will stimulate your body. Set a desire or intention to achieve and manifest it by looking in your partner’s eyes or your own before climaxing. 


July 23 - August 22

You have an optimal opportunity to pursue your metaphysical interests and occult interests, as you’re on the  impetus of having a spiritual breakthrough. You’ll embrace the shadowy sides of yourself, which will enable you to heal old wounds. Connecting to a force greater than you will enlighten your body, mind, and spirit, allowing you to feel unstoppable. You’ll feel more in control and centered than you have in a while, which will boost your energy. 


August 23 - September 22

This week gives you the opportunity to recommit to what you love, as the cosmic energy will highlight your expansion of spirit and soul. You’re focusing on recreating the next vision, which is taking the weight off your current career. You’ll receive a jolt of inspiration to sell your vision to peers — even the naysayers who don’t necessarily believe in your goals will have a sudden change of heart because your dreams seem pragmatic. 


September 23 - October 22

You’re less focused on materialism this week, as your spiritual pursuits are on the forefront of your mind. This means lessening your resources, as your brain is far from implementing your money making dreams into reality. Spend time embracing your spiritual practices (or returning to a previous one). The world can wait while you do Shavasana pose and unwind. Your spiritual journey you’re on will help you mindfully manifest abundance (like money) in the future. 


October 23 - November 21

Use this week’s cosmic energy to back your power. You’re feeling like the top Scorpio in life, as your confidence is at a high (where it should be all the time). Others are magnetically drawn to you (which could lead to greater appreciation of your efforts). You will be in high spirits and filled with hope durung the weekend. If you have a momentary lapse of self-assurance, state positive affirmations to boost up your vibe. 


November 22 - December 21

It’s essential for you to connect with the non-psychical world now. Whether this be through meditation, tantra, yoga, or even plain and simple TLC — you are experiencing growth and abundance from within. The universe is giving you a reality check, which will force you to re-evaluate your emotional and core beliefs. The process will be grueling, but rewarding. In the end, you will feel more aligned with your inner desires, ancestors, friends, and family. 


December 22 - January 19

It’s a fortunate time to manifest your dreams, as long as you don’t settle for creative opportunities that are less than scrupulous. Be forewarned that an opportunity will come your way, one that seems too good to be true. Chances are it is. Carefully commit to the project being given to you. In a few weeks, you may find that there are issues with the documents and problems with the joint venture. Proceed with caution.


January 20 - February 18

Use this time to expand your professional path and embrace innovative tactics to catapult your career into fresh territory. You are on your way to becoming the top executive and visionary in your field. This week adds creativity to your professional goals and allows you to have fun with your office mates by encouraging you to embrace  new and unchartered territory, possibly on a trip which will serve to expand your (or your company’s) brand. 


February 19 - March 20

Don’t “lose yourself” in love this week. If you’re unattached, you may have just found a romantic connection, or temporarily reconciled with an ex. It’s easy to get caught up in love, try to keep your head above water. Get to know people before you commit. If you are in a commitment, your partner will woo you, by adding warmth and playfulness to your love life — which will make you feel lucky in love.