Who Belongs in Your Bed, Based on Your Zodiac Sign!

by Hoodwitch

Sextrology by Lisa Stardust 

It’s time to get your mojo riding and your bedroom lit with passion! Put on the satin sheets, play some Sade tunes, and light up the red candles while you read (solo or with your boo) about who belongs in your bed,  based on your zodiac sign. You may even learn a thing or two about your sexual desires and urges, too!


You need someone who totally adores you and thinks you’re the cat’s meow. Anyone who doesn’t show you love, lust, and admiration will have to go, as you’re drawn solely to lovers who think every move you make is amazing. You deserve the best in the bedroom and nothing less. 


As one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac, you need a partner (or two) who can romance and pleasure you simultaneously. Finding a romantic interest who satisfies your every whim may take a lifetime or a long time, but once you find them you’ll never let them go. 


A partner who can keep up with your sexy dirty talk will satisfy your loins. You’ll get weak in the knees at the mere thought of them, as long as they whisper meaning sweet words into your ear during foreplay — you may decide to settle for meaningless dribble instead. 


Before you even think about taking your relationship to the next level, you need to ensure that your boo is totally cuddable. Instead of long sweaty nights filled with lovemaking, you’ll want the person sleeping with you in bed to warm you up with tight embraces and gentle butterfly kisses. 


We know you love to bring the drama to the bedroom, which is why your ultimate fantasy includes the presence of a partner who can argue with you in order to add sparky and passionate vibes to your lovemaking. It’s ok to be demanding, it will keep your paramour guessing. 


You need a sexual partner who is open to your changeable urges. They must be open to a variety of kinks to satisfy your desires. They’ll have to understand that you’ll want to add BDSM to your repertoire one day and the next day you’ll want to make sweet love. 


Let’s face facts, Libra. You want to be worshiped by your partner, which is why every liaison must be extra special. Hopefully, your partner will give you an award for your giving nature in exchange for the satisfaction of knowing you brought a big smile and pleasure to their body. 


Your sexual rep is legit! All of which is more reason for you to fall deeply in love with a partner who tries out new positions daily. If they can meet your stamina be tying you up or be tied up for hours, then you’ll become completely infatuated with them. 


The sky’s the limit when you invite that special someone into your boudoir. However, they have to challenge you intellectually and mentally first, before your relationship gets physical. Once your mind is stimulated, you’ll keep the fireworks coming all night and set the sheets on fire until the early morning. 


Your ideal sexual partner is someone who has down to embrace and indulge your kinks 100%. They have to understand that you work hard at day and must play hard at night. You’ll find satisfaction in discussing the intimate deets of your fetishes, as long as they share there’s too. 


Finding a partner who can keep up with your appetite for life may be hard. You’re likely to find that your ride or die love may have been right in front of you in the form of friendship. Taking your FWB to the next level will be your ultimate seduction. 


Living in a fantasy world has its perks — especially if you can find a partner who’s into role-playing (like you are). You can live out your deepest dreams and desires with your boo and fall asleep in their arms lovingly with ease (even if you forget the safe word).