True Colors: Finding Your Aura With The Sagittarius Moon

by Hoodwitch
Artwork by Sara Shakeel

Artwork by Sara Shakeel

Written by Lisa Stardust

All living things have an aura, a magnetic energy field that radiates a glow around the body, which some can see with the naked eye and others can sense as our innate character, even if they can’t see the colorful light. Our own personal aura field exists up to 3 feet away from us, which is why we all need space—protect our energy and maintain our balance. These color frequencies give us fascinating insight into the spiritual, psychic, and emotional well being of all animate beings. Everyone is born with their own colors as a result of their innate spirit and character, and they can change as a result of shifts in atmosphere and temperament. Each color has a different vibrational energy, which has a deep meaning according to those who read these glows. Aura readers use the wheel of colors to tap into a person’s inner qualities, needs, and desires, and the colors have a wealth of information to be explored.

The Sagittarius Full Moon, May 29th, gives us all the motivation to gain new insight into our lives, because the Archer is also the sign of the philosopher. Using the energy of the Full Moon, we can see the essence of the self which is invisible to the trained eye through heightening our sense of sight. Give yourself freedom to explore under this Full Moon, looking deeper into your soul via the spiritual and explorative Sagittarian energy. Break away from the norms, take a leap of faith to understand yourself and the world around you through the auric field. See the rainbow around you, the rainbow of energy that we all possess.


With your left palm chakra, rub your Third Eye Chakra, located in the middle of your forehead. This will allow you to open your mind up to scanning your aura, unlocking your subtle energy.

Stretch out your left arm. 

Placing your hand on a white sheet of paper, visualize the energy and heat radiating from your eyes to your hand.

Gaze with a soft focus on the outline of your hand. See if you can see colors radiating from your hand. This may take a few tries, as it requires intense concentration. After a while of meditating on your hand and feeling the energy, you will likely be able to see your aura emanating from your body with your own eyes.

Take a mental note of the colors you see and write them down. Now, we can interpret the colors to evaluate your aura.

You may notice several colors at once, which shows that you have a blend of qualities to explore. Embrace them all. Life is a painting and your energetic body (your aura) is the paint brush, blending different colors and energies together to make the experience that is unique to you.

Reading and Understanding the Aura Colors:

Red - Practical, confident, and passionate is the personality of the Red Aura. They thrive on what inspires them and act with great confidence. They are very connected to their right to exist— their rootedness in the world.

Orange - A gambler and and risk taker by nature, Orange Auras usually push limits and boundaries. They are the ones who want to provoke a reaction, and they tend to make others consider things that never occurred to them before.

Yellow - Optimism, vitality, and sensitivity are words used to describe the Yellow Aura. These are the flower children of the world, who are very in touch with their inner child.

Green - Intellectualism pushes Green to be the powerhouse color, as Green is considered to be the color of mental fortitude. They are good writers and researchers.

Blue - Using this life as a service to others, Blue Auras give their hearts completely and without hesitation. These are the caregivers of the world, who try to be gentle in everything they do.

Violet - Healing is essential to the Violet Aura, as they strive to help others evolve in this lifetime. They are psychically connected to those who are in need and seek to help them on their journey.

Magenta - Non-conformity and uniqueness describe the individualistic identity of the Magenta Aura. They are always one step ahead of the rest of the crowd, inspiring others with their bold energy.

Crystal - The clear energy takes on the energy of others through its changeable nature. The empath of aura colors is the most sensitive energy of all. This aura color may take  on a whitish tone and usually appears with other colors.

Indigo - As the educator of the aura palate, Indigo is the color that brings new innovative insights to the world. They want to teach others and be known for their impact.

Lavender - Artistic and spiritual by nature, Lavender Auras tend to live in their dreams and emotions. They bring beauty into the world with their whimsical energy.

Tan - Methodical by nature, Tan Auras are practical and planners, rarely leaving anything to chance. These people are solid and trustworthy. They like to work behind the scenes to make sure things run smoothly.