The Winds of Change: Manifesting with the Aquarius New Moon

by Hoodwitch

Written by Lisa Stardust

Today’s New Moon occurs on the “Four Gates of Avataric Descent” (making it one of the four gates that guard the universe) at 15 degrees of Aquarius. The “Avataric Descent” signifies the spark within us, the deepest creative passions we wish to manifest. The four gates are located at 15 degrees of all fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius) and mark the midpoint of each season, also going by the name of the “Cross Quarters” (making today’s New Moon the real date for Imbolc). 

There will be a magical cosmic release during the New Moon, allowing us to see our higher purpose and blossom our truest dreams. It’s time to give our rawest visions to the world, generate goals and attain the impossible. With communicative Mercury and expansive Jupiter setting off the New Moon, we will be motivated to express our desires with the public and take pride in our innovative visions. In addition to manifesting our dreams, today is a potent day to commune with the other side. The gates will be charged up by the New Moon. The Maiden, Mother, and Crone are all in sync, intensified with energy and ready to bring change to our lives. Further, the Sabian Image for today’s luminary is pictured as “Nature Spirits” who “are seen at work in the light of sunset.”  Therefore, making today’s New Moon is a very powerful and potent day for magic. 

With the four gates activated and open, and the New Moon positively supported by lucky Jupiter, it’s a wonderful time to clear out the stagnate energy inside us, allowing us to purge out negativity (even old thought patterns we have for ourselves) that do not serve our highest purpose. Clean out the clutter from within, press reset, allow the mind and spirit to align with the universe, soaking up all the positive cosmic energy brought forth today. 

Let’s grant ourselves the ability to take steps towards exploring our creativity and desires by burning away any shred of doubt we have hidden inside ourselves. Take a piece of paper, write down personal  insecurities and fears—that we wish to change. On another piece of paper, make a list of hopes and dreams—all we want in the future. Fold the list of insecurities eight times (eight is the numerological number of Aquarius), wrap with twine, and set past fears ablaze, extinguishing with a loving cup filled with New Moon water, sparking a new relationship with the self.

*The New Moon occurs February 4th at 1:03PM PST and 4:03PM EST.

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