The Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer

by Hoodwitch

Hours after the Summer Solstice, on June 20th PST and June 21st EST, the first total solar eclipse arrives. The Sun and Moon link up in Cancer, obstructing the Sun’s view on Earth as the Moon covers the Sun. This eclipse is going to be an intense jolt of energy that stimulates our hearts to take action around what we care about and want to nurture. What we’ll come to find is that we want to love and take care of each other more. We also want to fight collectively and universally for the same cause. 

This luminary aspects the fixed star  Menkalinan. This star picks up the energy of Mercury (who’s currently retrograde in Cancer) and Mars (who’s in Pisces). Words or lack of them can hurt, and can even be destructive. As we know, silence isn’t always good because it limits our ability to speak up individually. The collective’s voice will prove to be powerful together and stronger than ever. In our personal lives, we may be forced to assert our will and choose to sit this argument out, as there are more pressing matters to direct our energy towards. 

The Sabian symbol for the eclipse is this image: “On A Ship The Sailors Lower An Old Flag And Raise A New One.” This is quite literal as to what’s going on currently in the world. We are seeing old structures dissolve and a changing of the guard (so to speak) as the people take back their power from the patriarchy and authority. All new rules apply now. The revolution is here. The world is transforming before our eyes. 

Not only will this eclipse fall directly on the U.S. birth chart (Venus to be exact), it’s also on the World Axis. This means that this eclipse is going to affect the whole wide world and change the narrative of America’s past. We will see major shifts in how people feel about America. The system is wrong. It needs to be changed. This eclipse makes sure that the wheels of fortune are moving to dismantle prejudiced systems and beliefs. The revolution has begun. 

*The solar eclipse occurs on June 20th at 11:14PM PST and June 21st at 2:41PM EST. 

Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer Ritual:

This eclipse calls for global justice. And, we can ensure that those who have wronged others are brought to justice by collectively doing the same ritual together. In magic, there is power in numbers. We can help expose those who have done wrong by using our energy together to take them down. 


-An indigo or purple candle 


-Purple Ribbon



-Light the candle. 

-Meditate on your thoughts. 

-Under the candle’s glow, write down your intention. 

-Fold the intention and tie with a ribbon.

-Place the letter of intention away in a sacred place.

-Read aloud every 30 days to help make sure the scales of justice are standing strong.