By Amelia Quint

Moon Phase: Full

Under the waxing moon, work magick that illuminates and reveals. All magic is heightened now, especially divination and manifesting. The Aries full moon, a super moon, is powerful for Block Buster, Crown of Success, and Protection spells.

Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis

Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis


Moon Signs

During these signs, work magick around the following:

Aries: the body, physical health, vitality, entrepreneurship, victory

Taurus: sensuality, wealth, jobs, stability, connection to the earth

Gemini: writing, speaking, focus, mental acuity, travel


Aries full moon, October 16, 12:23 AM

Venus enters Sagittarius, October 18, 3:01 AM

Moon enters Aries         Friday, October 14, 11:08 AM

Moon void in Aries         Sunday, October 16, 12:38 AM

Moon enters Taurus       Sunday, October 16, 10:46 AM

Moon void in Taurus       Monday, October 17, 10:46 AM

Moon enters Gemini      Tuesday, October 18, 10:30 AM

Moon void in Gemini      Thursday, October 20, 7:16 AM

Moon enters Cancer      Thursday, October 20, 11:28 AM




Starting today, the moon in your sign turns your already unflappable energy levels up to the highest possible setting. For the next few days, there’s nothing than can get in between you and the object of your desire. On Saturday, your ruler—Mars—aligns with the north node to boost your stamina for a major career move. It won’t be what you expect, with the Sun and Uranus in your sign, but you’ll have the fortitude to pull it off no matter what.

Sunday’s full moon in your sign becomes the focus point for all that energy. Lady Luna will be on electric Uranus, and in a tense alignment with Mercury and Pluto. News about your relationships and serious transformation in the way you approach your career come together to complete a total mindset shift. You’re still you, but something within you is irrevocably changed. On Tuesday, Venus moves from the secrets area of your horoscope into your ninth house, pushing you further outside your comfort zone.

Wednesday’s alignment of Mars and Pluto in Capricorn will be very intense for you—you’re ruled by Mars, so you’ll feel it more. This potent brew of energy and power helps you rebrand yourself, if you want to. If something needs to be said, you won’t be able to hold it back on Thursday, when messenger planet Mercury opposes Uranus in your sign. Surprises, or even something shocking, might be revealed.


Spend the weekend resting: not numbing out, but mindfully relaxing. On Sunday, the Aries full moon in the last house of your horoscope will ensure that you get the rest you need, even if it’s not what you had planned. Lady Luna willin a tense formation with Mercury and Pluto that shines her spotlight on where you need to step up your health and personal growth game. You’ve been overdoing it and are at the risk of serious burnout if you don’t change your style. Luckily, the moon enters your sign just a few hours later, which will give you the energy boost you need in order to make it through this phase. She’ll be there until Tuesday, so make the most of it!

On Tuesday, Venus enters your intimacy sector, reminding you to tend to the secret things in your life. You’re ruled by Venus, so this marks an important shift for you. Those parts of ourselves that live in sacred spaces, including sexuality and magick, will thrive under this influence. For best results, give yourself plenty of time for divination and ritual.



If your mind is racing (and it usually is), grab a partner and talk out some concrete solutions for a pick-me-up on Friday afternoon when Mercury and Saturn connect. You might surprise yourself at how much you’re able to accomplish! Just don’t let that creative drive spiral out of control on Saturday, as Mercury fights with Pluto in your obsessions sector. Finding something compelling is a good thing, but too much can be overwhelming. An awkward alignment between Mercury and Chiron in your fame sector challenge you to consider whether you’re pursuing your latest goals for the right reasons. Do you want fame, artistic acclaim, or both?

On Sunday, the Aries full moon in your sign of long-term vision forms a tense alignment with Mercury and Pluto. It’s on Uranus, the planet of surprises, so expect unexpected news about friends, colleagues, mentors, and goals. What you discover brings you back to the previous day’s essential questions about motivation. Once you answer those, you can more forward with a clean break from the past. Venus moves into your partnership sector the same day, so don’t be afraid to ring a friend and ask for help! The moon will enter your sign that day too, and stay there until Thursday’s wee hours, making you the favored choice in any Aries full moon competitions you may have started.


You feel fired up and ready to take on the world as the moon enters Aries today, but it might be a good idea to wait until after Sunday’s full moon in Aries to act. It’s on Uranus at the top of your chart, who’s been making you feel more rebellious than usual; plus, this full moon locks into a tense formation with Mercury in your private sphere and Pluto in your partnership zone. Whether you decide to embark on a new joint venture or end one that isn’t working, it’ll be a sudden, clean break.

Shortly after, Lady Luna slips into Taurus until Tuesday, setting the mood for a day of recovery with plenty of creature comforts. Your sign doesn’t respond well to change, but it’s a necessary part of life. On Tuesday, Venus moves into your sixth house of habits, helping you integrate the full moon’s events into your everyday routine. That same day, the moon moves onto curious Gemini until Thursday, when she’ll enter your sign. If you can make it through this week (and you can!), you’ll be back to your usual self in no time.


You might feel a little uncomfortable in your own skin today as your ruler, the sun, strikes a dissonant chord with healer Chiron in your house of taboos. Old wounds you thought you’d worked through wake up again, just for a moment. By tomorrow, the sun opposite revolutionary Uranus helps you break free from any hang-ups and press on, confident as ever.

On Sunday, the Aries full moon spotlights your ninth house of growth with a little help from Uranus. Lady Luna will be in a tense formation with Mercury and Pluto, forcing you to speak up for your own well-being. With Pluto in your health zone, you have to make your body and your schedule a priority. Lean on Mercury in your communication sector to help you express that with grace. Luckily, Venus into your pleasure sector on Tuesday lightens the mood, reminding you that play is essential to a healthy life.

Venus enters your pleasure sector on Tuesday


Today is the perfect opportunity to do what you do best: organize and edit. When your ruler Mercury in your value sector aligns with Sagittarius at the base of your chart, take a moment to decide what’s really worth your time. Tomorrow will open the door for you to make it happen, as Mars and the north node connect to bring you inspiration that propels you towards your goals. Sunday’s Aries full moon spotlights your eighth house of secrets with a little help from Uranus. It’s in a tense formation with Mercury and Pluto that forces you to weigh concrete value against intrinsic pleasure. For best results, magick your way through this. Ask for guidance, and it will be given.

On Tuesday, Venus moves into your fourth house of origins. Use this period to tend to your most feral needs and wants. On Wednesday, discord between Mercury and healer Chiron in your partnership house show you where your relationships need work. Thursday, Mercury opposes Uranus in your intimacy sector, giving you two options: either leave what needs to go in the past, or hold on and watch it be taken away.


You want to please everyone, but today’s dissonance between the sun in your sign and healer Chiron in your health sector show you that’s not sustainable. Luckily, the cosmos will back up any boundaries you have to set down. Mercury in your sign collaborates with Saturn to help you communicate your needs in a way that makes sense to everyone involved. Tomorrow, the sun opposes Uranus in your partnership zone, making it tough to keep those new boundaries intact. A little conflict might be necessary as Mercury fights with Pluto: it’s worth it to stand up for your emotional wellbeing.

Relationship tension intensifies on Sunday as the full moon illuminates your partnership zone. It’s on Uranus, and in a tense alignment with Mercury and Pluto. Suddenly, the soul impact of your interactions with others is clear, and you have to act. Luckily, Venus moves into Sagittarius on Tuesday, helping you get your health back on track and create new habits that nourish instead of deplete your energy. You might feel a little wistful about the change on Wednesday, when Mercury aligns with Chiron, but on Thursday, Mercury’s opposition with Uranus gives you the final push you need to say goodbye to all things toxic. This year’s energy was made for you, Libra—don’t waste it on people who don’t see your potential.


There’s nothing inherently wrong with intensity—in fact, it’s one of your greatest strengths—but it can become a weakness if you burn the candle at both ends. On Saturday, Mercury squares off with Pluto, showing you where you need to recognize your own worth and need for rest. Once Sunday arrives, you can’t keep up the superhuman act any longer: the Aries full moon, flanked by defiant Uranus, lights your health zone, forcing you to take care of yourself. It’s in a tense formation with Mercury and Pluto, so the feelings that surfaced earlier in the weekend come into sharp focus.

On Tuesday, Venus leaves your sign and enters your value sector. While she’s there, take the messages you received from the full moon and put them into action by editing your life down to what’s most essential. What do you value most? That’s where you need to put your energy. On Wednesday, your ancient ruler Mars aligns with your modern patron Pluto to carry you forward. It’s a potent elixir that will transmute whatever dark night of the soul you’re experiencing into pure gold. Pay attention: it’s pure magic for you if you don’t let haters pull you back into your inner underworld.



Since Saturn entered your sign around this time last year, you may have felt like you lost a little bit of yourself. It’s easy to do when you’re learning cosmic lessons of responsibility, but under today’s alignment of Mercury with Saturn in your sign, it’s safe to get back in touch with your hopes and dreams. It also helps you reconnect with the reason why you loved what you do in the first place. On Sunday, the Aries full moon in your fifth house of creativity allows you to generate whatever it is you’ll need to make those dreams a reality. It’s on electric Uranus, so a bolt-from-the-blue epiphany could arrive just in time. That said, it’s also in a tough alignment with Mercury and Pluto, so value will be an issue. Just know that it’s possible to balance your own self-worth and your income. It might just take some ingenuity, but you’re no stranger to that.

When Venus enters your sign on Tuesday, your mood lifts and your spirit lightens. This is a blessed time, when the love goddess gives you gifts of money, beauty, and art: you just have to accept them. Don’t sleep on this energy. Instead, invoke goddesses of love and light a candle for the beautiful things you’re going to do this month.



Most of the time you’re focused on climbing to new heights, but this month your soul needs you to face your own depths. Today, Mercury sends good vibes to your ruling planet, Saturn, giving you a much needed message about the spiritual side of your work and why you do what you do. Tomorrow, Mars in your sign syncs with the north node to encourage that inner growth, giving you the stamina you’ll need to chase down those ideals. At the same time, Mercury squares off with Pluto in your sign, making it impossible for you and those you know to keep silent about what you believe. You’re intimately familiar with the fine line between confidence and arrogance, and this is all about knowing the difference. Remember: you can choose how you react.

On Sunday, the Aries full moon lights the base of your chart, illuminating any dark personal shadows that need attention. You’re cleaning out your psychic closet, and what you find might not be pretty; with Uranus close by, it might even shock you, but you’ll emerge with a clean break from your past. Lady Luna will be in a tense alignment with Mercury and Pluto, so any issues that surfaced the previous day come to a head. You’ll feel a wave of relief when Venus enters your spirituality zone on Tuesday,



Sometimes you feel as if you’re from another world, Aquarius, but what message do you have to share with your friends here on earth? On Saturday, the Sun opposes your ruling planet, Uranus, to give you a cosmic shove towards the life you’ve only seen in visualizations. The catch? Anything that doesn’t align with that future has got to go. Sunday, the Aries full moon lights your third house of self-expression, helping you say, write, sing, paint, or otherwise tell your story. It’s on Uranus, so you feel this one intensely. Lady Luna will also be part of a tough formation with Mercury and Pluto, urging you to go within and heal any psychic trauma that needs tending before you move onto the next phase of your journey.

On Tuesday, Venus enters your visionary eleventh house, reminding you of the value of community. Are you being called to step up as a leader? If you do, others will follow. Mercury opposes Uranus on Wednesday, challenging you to balance your personal ways of thinking with those of others. Everyone is entitled to their own worldview, even if you don’t agree. Don’t channel the Aries energy into subtweets or unnecessary communiques; instead, use it to inspire yourself and those around you to share their own stories.



Your sign isn’t known for its business acumen, but this month, you’d do well to try it out: everything is a commodity, you just have to know what yours is. Today, a dissonant chord between the sun and healer Chiron in your sign push you to look at what riches are lurking just beneath the surface of your life. The Aries full moon, flanked by explosive Uranus, is a variation on that theme. If you’ve been trying to hide something, this moon might just drag you; however, if you’ve been searching for buried treasure of some kind, there’s a good chance you’ll find it now.

On Tuesday, Venus enters your publicity sector, giving you a magnetic allure that you can use to your advantage. There’s two ways this can work: first, you turn on the charm for potential clients and other admirers to great effect. Second, anything brought out by the full moon is exposed. Luckily, Venus is excellent with people and knows how to handle any situation with grace. Mercury and Chiron are out of focus on Wednesday, making communication difficult. You want to connect, but your emotional approach prevents your words from landing properly. For your sign, diplomacy and strategy are far better than a fight