The Harvest Micromoon and the Mystic Rectangle


Astrology by Lisa Stardust

The Harvest Moon is here and that means summer is almost at a close. Under this luminary, we will embrace the beginning of a new season (which will happen shortly), while releasing old and stagnant emotions. The Harvest Moon is a fruitful and productive time for us all to take stock of our dreams and desires. If you’re lucky enough (or unlucky) to live on the West Coast, this Harvest Moon will coincide with Friday the 13th (ONLY if you live on the West Coast in the USA). It’s the last Friday the 13th Full Moon until 2049 and the first since 2000. 

This particular luminary sets off the “mystic rectangle” in the cosmos. A mystic rectangle occurs when there are two oppositions and a soft aspect (like a trine or sextile) giving these cosmic connections energy. In this case, the Sun and the Moon are in opposition just as Mars and Neptune are in opposition. Saturn’s close alignment with the karmic South Node of Destiny will empower these aspects to let go of the old once and for all. We are now celestially encouraged to fight for our dreams—even if it means tearful endings along the way. The Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mars, and Neptune are all tightly locked together in a few T-Squares, which may make us fearful of saying goodbye to our old selves. The fixed star Markab, who’s known as “the star of sorrow,” is activated by the Full Moon. Try to be cognizant of the energy that’s being projected and received, as all this Piscean water is making us absorb emotions and anxieties from others. It’s also very important to check in ourselves and others today, as we all need extra TLC. 

This luminary is also a “Micromoon.” When the Moon is distant from the Earth, it’s called a “Micromoon” because it appears smaller and less vibrant in the sky. Although it’s far from us, we will still feel the intensity of this luminary on Earth. No matter what size the Full Moon is, we will always feel the maximum affects. But, we will have additional time to muddle through our emotions and make decisions from Mars and Neptune’s opposition. Allowing ourselves time and patience today will be beneficial. Don’t rush the emotional process.

Under all Full Moons, it’s important for us all to honor Luna and her magnificence. Also, we must embrace her beauty. Regardless of the personal drama or annoyances that come out way, it’s essential for us all to stay connected to ourselves and grounded within our bodies. Others may try to bring us down by projecting their negative emotions onto us, but with the proper magical remedy our bodies and minds can disconnect from their energy.

Harvest Micromoon Bath and Meditation

Ingredients for Bath

Moon Water (this is optional)

1/2 Cup of Himalayan Sea Salt or Table Salt

2-3 Cups of Milk 

1/2 Cup of Chamomile 

1/4 Cup of Lavender or a few drops of lavender oil (as much as you want)

Amethyst Crystals 


Directions for Bath

Energize water under the Moon, allowing it to absorb the lunar vibrations. If you cannot make Moon Water, regular bath water is fine.

Add Himalayan salt or regular salt to a bath for cleansing. 

Add the milk to the warm water to the bathtub. The milk will help detox your body. 

Add chamomile to the bath to calm your anxieties and nerves. 

Add fresh lavender or lavender oil to the bath in order to destress the body. 

*Please Note: If you do not have a bathtub, you can mix these ingredients together and pour it over your body in a shower.


Place the amethyst crystal on your crown chakra. Think of circumstances and people in your life who are projecting their issues onto you. Breathe in and out. As you exhale, imagine their negativity leaving your body, like a string pulling their energy out from within you. Mediate for 15 minutes in the bath. As the water washes away and cleans your energetic field, you will begin to feel at peace and grounded in yourself without the buildup of toxicity. 

*Please Note: You can do the meditation in or out of the bath/shower. 

*The Harvest Micromoon occurs at 9:33PM PST and at on September 13th and at 12:33AM EST on September 14th.