The Full Hunter's Moon in Taurus 2020


Astrology by Lisa Stardust

The first Blue Moon in nearly two years occurs on Halloween. A Blue Moon is the second Full Moon in the calendar month. The Harvest Full Moon in Aries occurred on October 1st. Therefore, this is a rare lunar event that happens rarely so often. And, being that it's happening on October 31st means that we can count on having an extra spooky Halloween and Samhain. Plus, the last Blue Moon Taurus since 1944. 

This luminary occurs in Taurus, a sign known for its lovely, kind, sensual, and stubborn demeanor. “Great Awakener” Uranus, who’s retrograde in Taurus, aligns with the Moon. This will add a changeable, electric, and unique vibe to the overall energy of the day. We will feel a shift in relationships (as the planetary ruler of Taurus is Venus). However, it won’t be a bad change. We are now pushing conventions and norms in how we express our feelings and how we feel about partnerships. It’s a time to embrace our inner freaks and kinks without fear of being judged by others. If we let others know about our desires and passions, they will come to a greater understanding and acceptance of us. Don’t be shy and run away from having intimate discussions on such matters — it may prove to be eye opening and bring you closer together. You may even sexually experiment solo or with your partner during this time. 

This luminary aligns with the fixed star Hamal. On one hand, Hamal revels in commitment. But, it doesn’t vibe well when in casual relationships or situationships. This means that we may find ourselves wanting to merge with another on a deeper and soulful level. Conversely, we may decide that the person we are with isn’t worth the investment of time and energy. If you’re single, you will find yourself standing in your power and fabulousness. Or, you may suddenly crush on someone new. Being that the fixed star Hamal and Uranus are involved, all bets are off in predicting the complete Blue Moon story as both bring unforeseeable circumstances to occur. 

The Sabian Symbol for the Blue Moon is “A Fully Decorated Christmas Tree.” Meaning, it will light up the sky and allow us to see situations and relationships from a different perspective. Use this as your wake up call. Don’t ignore or turn a blind eye to the information you find out. Make sure that you take a mental note of it, as it’ll be helpful later on (next month brings eclipse season when all of the tea spills out). 

The Blue Moon couldn’t occur on a more energetically intense day. On Halloween and Samhain, the veil between the metaphysical and material worlds is thinned, due to these holidays occurring on the exact midpoint between the Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice. This means that we can see and communicate with spirits, who are telling us the DL on all matters that have been perplexing our hearts and minds. With the Blue Moon illuminating its intense glow on the spirits, we can expect the truth to come pouring out in the form of emotional and sexual awakenings. 

*The Full Blue Moon in Taurus occurs on October 31st at 7:49AM PDT and 10:49AM EDT. 

Sex Magick Ritual:

First, set the mood. Light a red candle. Play sensual music in the background. Write your name and intention down on a piece of paper. Cross out the vowels. Use the remaining consonants as your personal signal. Visualize what you want to manifest while gazing at the signal as you pleasure yourself. Manifest your dreams through visualization while orgasming and they will come true.