The Full Harvest Moon in Aries occurs on October 1st. This luminary is the closest to the Fall Equinox and is known for its orange tinge. It is a time of reflection as we embark on a new season. This luminary is also a time of fruition, when crops are ready to harvest. The Harvest Moon is the first of two Full Moons in October, the second one occurring on Halloween (which is the Blue Hunter’s Moon). 

The planetary ruler of the Moon is Mars, who’s retrograde in Aries. This means that emotions will be intense and frustrations high. Be prepared to argue and release the past. This lunar event aligns with the healing centaur Chiron, who’s retrograde in Aries. Chiron is a mythological being who had the innate ability to mend the wounds of others, but not his own scars. Therefore, when we deal with Chiron we are engaging and discussing trauma that we never fully recovered from. Being that Chiron is retrograde in Aries, we can expect to feel the pain or hurts that we’ve previously shrugged off. It’ll all resurface now, under the Full Harvest Moon. Prepare to really feel your feels.

The Sabian Symbol for this luminary is “A Teacher Gives New Symbolic Forms To Traditional Images.” The fixed star that aligns with the Moon is Algenib. This is a tempestuous star that wants to learn at lightning speed, but also has a fiery and passionate side that speaks to the ego. Meaning, it’ll stop at nothing to defend itself, but is willing to take on the role of student. The Sabian Symbol and fixed star Algenib speak  to the Chiron symbolism. There’s an innate energy around evolving from the past, if we are ready to learn and understand the lessons needed to evolve. 

During this luminary, it’s important for us to work on our relationship with ourselves. Letting go of emotional upsets and wounds can take a lifetime. However, we can use a few magical tools to make ourselves feel better and be at peace with ourselves. 

  • Stating affirmations in a mirror to increase positive emotions and vibes will help us feel better about ourselves. 

  • Creating your own personal mantra based on all of the positive attributes that we believe in about ourselves. 

  • Reflecting on the past and releasing negativity by writing down your sentiments in a journal. 

  • Meditation can help us be one with our body, mind, and spirit. It can also give us the courage to let go of situations that aren’t working for us by boosting our confidence. 

*The Full Harvest Moon occurs on October 1st at 3:05PM PST and 5:05PM EDT.