The Ancient Future: Meet Artist Manzel Bowman

by Hoodwitch

 "I prefer to create the myths rather than believe in them."- Manzel Bowman

Meet digital artist, illustrator, and visionary  Manzel Bowman. You may recognize his powerful collage style  artwork gracing the pages of  just about every modern mystics Instagram account.  Each piece giving us a glimpse into the otherworldly landscapes that  transcend  time and space.  Manzel gives us Afro-futurism at it's finest and with the release of his highly anticipated first tarot deck  we were lucky  enough to catch up with the busy  artist for a quick Q&A in which he shares with us some of his inspiration behind  his work. 


THW: Hi Manzel, can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself ?

 MB: Hi readers, you'd probably have to meet me in person to find out about me personally. My personality is somewhat against the grain but I can fake being an  upstanding citizen real well.  :) I like to let my artwork speak for me unless you have a specific question to ask .

THW: What’s your astrological sign (sun moon and rising)? I’ve been so intrigued to ask  since i’ve seen your work, but would love to finally hear it from you. Also, what’s your favorite planet?

MB: Sun/Scorpio, Moon/Capricorn, Rising/Gemini. My Favorite Planet is Pluto(due to mythology). 

THW: The imagery in your artwork is very powerful and spiritually captivating. Do you study symbolism, ancient mythology, astronomy, or mysticism?

MB: Thank you. I'd like to say I've studied all the above extensively when I was younger, but it was all out of personal interest. I'm all about science and numbers when it comes to my approach and outlook on life.


THW: What are some of your daily rituals that help to keep your creative energy flowing?


MB: (laughs)  I don't think I have any daily rituals, other than creating a new piece daily. I'd say that keeps me kind of creative.


THW: Your artwork showcases many Indigenous tribes among the cosmos. Specifically, African Tribes. This reminds me of the Dogon tribe and the nommos,and their advanced knowledge of star systems that were not known to modern astronomers for many years. As as well as many Native American tribes that believed we have been visited and are the descendants of “Star Ancestors”. Do you believe in inter-dimensionals?

MB: I believe the ability to think is an inter-dimensional process and the ability to create is pulling from such a realm. I'm an inter-dimensional.


THW: There are creation myths of Extraterrestrials that have been visiting our Earth from the the beginning and the tribes of indigenous people from across the globe that have been taught  these advanced sciences of the skies, and how to live harmoniously with the cycles of nature and all of Earth’s inhabits. Do you consciously take these stories of our ancestors into consideration when you are creating your pieces?

MB: Not at all. I prefer to create the myths rather than believe in them. I'm not sure if I see remnants of extraterrestrials in humanity or a lack in humanity due to its lost and suppressed technologies due to fear, religion and time.



THW: Do you believe that the planets play a significant role in our lives on Earth to some degree? (i.e Mercury retrograde, Full Moons, New Moons) ?

MB: The planets follow a cyclic pattern almost clock-like. I believe we are creatures of patterns. No matter minuscule or macrocosmic, we are affected by the planets around us. It's hard to discredit the effects of planets when the moon is the reason we have day and night.


THW: If you had a time machine and could visit one time- period in human history for 24 hours, which would it be and why? 

MB: Being the person I am, I'd rather not revisit the past. I'd go somewhere in the distant future where the sentient beings hang out. ;)


Manzel says he just finished wrapping up a Marvel Black Panther campaign and we can expect to see more from him as he has tons of new projects in the works. Check out more of Bowman's work via his website HERE and his Instagram account @Artxman