Releasing with the Wolf Lunar Eclipse in Cancer


Astrology By Lisa Stardust for The Hoodwitch

The first lunar eclipse and Full Moon of 2020 occurs on January 10th in tender Cancer. This luminary serves as the dramatic ending to the story that began during the Cancer New Supermoon on July 13th, 2018. During that time, we started a new phase in our lives in which will reach its climax during the lunar eclipse. 

Nurturing asteroid Ceres, jealous Juno, and passionate Eris will be directly affected during this luminary, which means emotions will peak. These asteroids will set off a Grand Cross with the eclipse point, also by way of trickster Mercury, austere Saturn, and evolutionary Pluto. We can expect power struggles to be brought to an extreme level. Passions will rise and emotions will become tempestuous. Neptune will sprinkle in extra sentimentality, which will serve to add tears and sadness to this eclipse. Uranus turns direct in the evening, after a six month retrograde journey escalating surprises (Uranus started its retrograde journey on August 12th). Fixed star Castor will bring us clarity on matters, while exposing lies. Finally, the Sabian symbol for this luminary is “A Famous Singer Is Proving Her Virtuosity During An Operatic Performance.” This means we will get tired of the deceptions and “performances” that are in motion. We’re exhausted of believing the lies and tip toeing around the truth. The game was fun while it lasted, but we are in the mood for enlightenment — at any cost. 

Two days later, the cosmos bring us a volatile Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto conjunction at the same degrees of this eclipse. January 12th will serve as the trigger point for this intense celestial energy. Be careful on the 12th, as emotions and frustrations are still at a high. Conversely, we can opt to revise and change our lives during this time as well. But, we will need to confront and give understanding to our shadow selves on the 12th before we move forward.  

Relationships will be tested. Our emotions will seesaw throughout the day. We may have a few meltdowns. Please be kind to yourself and others. Don’t act out in anger or repress feelings. Try to understand the emotions within and discuss them calmly. Remember, growth is a natural part of life. Circumstances and relationships must change in order for us to live up to our destiny. Sometimes letting go of that which doesn’t serve our highest and truest interests is essential for our personal evolution. This doesn’t mean relationships are done forever. It just means they are on pause. What we’ll find is that it’s essential to focus on ourselves for the next six months, in order to create the life we want. 

Under the lunar eclipse, it’s necessary to insert all of our energy on ourselves. We will need extra TLC and nurturing in order to help us ride the rollercoaster of emotions. Don’t be afraid to express how you feel. Talking things out loud or journaling will help immensely. Crying is an amazing release of tension and can be extremely cathartic. Most importantly, let go of the negativity. Realness comes with a cost. The veil will be lifted. We will be free from the deceptions that have held us back since July 2018. Particularly, the lies we have told ourselves. We will all get through this eclipse together. Don’t forget to breathe.  

*This eclipse will not be visible from the U.S. It will be visible in Europe, Asia and eastern Africa.

*The lunar eclipse occurs on January 10th at 11:21AM PST and 2:21PM EST.