New Moon in Capricorn


The first New Moon of 2021 occurs on January 12th and 13th in Capricorn. This luminary will be extremely intense and full of energy. It’s pushing us to change, which we may not be ready for. Learning to trust our instincts, tuning out the outside noise, releasing fears, and believing in ourselves will be essential. 


This New Moon unites the Sun, Moon, and Pluto together. Emotions will become intense, as well as our need to dominate and control situations. If we choose to lean into the higher vibration, we can bring in change and transform our lives for the better. The caveat to this sentiment is that growth takes time and reshaping our lives is hard. As long as we go outside our comfort zones (which will be challenging and uncomfortable), we can evolve. 


On January 5th, Mercury and Pluto came together. That was the conversation that centered around changing. Venus and Pluto will align on January 28th, which will be growth around relationships and money. The Capricorn New Moon is the emotional part of this journey. 


Jealousy, envy, phobias, and power struggles can form now. The energy at hand is telling us to move forward and take our power back from others. This doesn’t mean arguing. It means walking away from situations that are no longer working for us. Leaning into the new and transformative is the direction we should all take. 


*The New Moon in Capricorn occurs on January 12th at 9:00PM PDT and January 13th at 12:00AM EDT. 



New Moon Ritual

 For the New Moon, it’s best to do a New Year’s manifestation. This means harnessing the lunar energy to change your life for the better in 2021. In order to do this, you will have to meditate on what needs to transform and what you would like to keep the same. In order for your dreams to blossom, sex magic is ideal. First, take a deep breath. Relax. Shake out all of the negativity and focus only on positive vibes. Set the mood by dimming the lights, red candles, andlight sensual music. Create your own personal mantra and state it over and over while you pleasure yourself or another. As you begin to orgasm, close your eyes and envision your passions coming to life. If you associate pleasure with your desires, they will come to fruition in 2021.