Manifesting With The Snow Full Moon In Leo

by Hoodwitch

Astrology by Lisa Stardust for The Hoodwitch

The Snow Full Moon falls on February 8th (PST) and the 9th (EST). This luminary brings an interesting and conflicting vibe to us all. While we may be unsure of what the future holds, the only thing that matters is how we feel about ourselves. As long as we can empower and accept ourselves, then the sky’s the limit. 

Mars gives this luminary a soft push, adding action to our incentives. Neptune and Pluto share a minor frustration with the Full Moon degree, which will add a little drama to the overall energy. We may feel as though outside forces are holding us back from achieving our goals or that the journey towards righteousness is met with emotional setbacks. With the involvement of Mars and Pluto, we can overcome such obstacles if we ignore the fear and push through the adverse energy (which isn’t real) brought on by Neptune. 


Passionate asteroids Vesta and Eris add strength to the Leo Moon, giving us additional strength and power to make future plans that can affect our lives. Vesta will ignite this luminary with “little light” that shines within us all that makes us feel special. Our personal mission and truth in the world will become clear to us all. Eris will give us the motivation to break free from the chains that hold us back, while encouraging us to move into a place of merit and honor. 


The other caveat to making immediate progress is the presence of the fixed stars Merak and Ras Elased Australis Star (this luminary falls in between the degrees of these stars), AKA The Lion’s Head, that marks the eyebrows on the head of the constellation Leo (at the degree of the Moon). These fixed stars will force us to take another pause and reflect to see if a situation or relationship is right for us. We may even hesitate before letting go of certain things in our lives. Take your time! Don’t rush through the emotional process of letting everything else fall by the wasteside. Mercury is in its pre-retrograde shadow, which means that we may change our minds again, down the road (which is totally fine). Nothing is permanent now. In fact, this luminary is only just a wake up call from our wintery hibernation. We’ve been on autopilot for a while, now it’s time to start paying attention and taking note of situations. 


The Sabian symbol for this luminary is “A Ritual To The Sun,” which is fitting because Leo’s planetary ruler is the Sun. Therefore, we must find joy and refuge in the part of ourselves that we love and value. Even though it may be confusing and hard, we must embrace the part of ourselves where our heart’s shine the most. This means giving our all to projects, situations, and others who value and appreciate us 100% — with whom we do not have to second guess or question our worth. 


*The Full Moon occurs on 8th at 11:33PM PST and February 9th at 2:33AM EST. 



Bath for Self-Empowerment under the Snow Moon:




-½ cup of dried or fresh rose petals 

-1 pinch of dried or fresh rosemary 

-3 whole cloves 

-1 dash of cinnamon 

-1 cup of water 

-mixing bowl 





Place all ingredients (except the water) into a mixing bowl. 


Blend all the ingredients together. 


Add the water to the bowl. 


Continue to blend with the water. 


Add ingredients to a warm bath or pour over the body in a shower, if you do not have a bath. 


Rub the ingredients over your heart chakra and meditate on your awesomeness. Think about what makes you feel happy and confident about yourself. Find the voice within that gives you power while soaking in the bath.