Manifesting with the Sagittarius New Moon

by Hoodwitch

Astrology by Lisa Stardust for The Hoodwitch

The Sagittarius New Moon is on November 26th and serves as a fertile time for us all to prosper in life. It’s an ideal time to revisit projects, dreams, and relationships started at the beginning of 2019 to see if and how we’ve grown — also, to recommit to the vision (or a different version of it). 


A New Moon occurs when the Sun and Earth are on opposite sides of the Moon, but are all in line with each other. The Moon becomes invisible, as we cannot see its luminous glow as a result. The Moon becomes invisible, resulting in changes in personal energy. New Moons are wonderful times to magically manifest and create visions. They allow us to start fresh and set our goals in motion. 


The Sagittarius New Moon is very potent. Not only is Jupiter (the planetary ruler of Sagittarius) in Sagittarius. Currently, Jupiter is aligned with the Galactic Center (the entrance and exit to the Milky Way). The Galactic Center is a crack in the universe that opens our minds to our unconscious desires. It serves as a spiritual and creative awakening. The Galactic Center’s conjunction with Jupiter during this luminary, will tune us into ourselves on a deeper and soulful level — one we haven’t experienced before. We will be awakened by the cosmos and start to create our passions. 


Warrior asteroid Pallas and fixed star Marfik link up with the New Moon point, forcing us to fight for and find the most honorable and truthful path. It’s time to be real with ourselves about who and what we want to be in this life. If we are honest with ourselves and make the right choices, we will be catapulted to success. 


The Sabian symbol for this luminary is “An Old Owl Sits Alone On The Branch Of A Large Tree.” Symbolically, owls represent wisdom. Also, the branches the owl is sitting on is the Tree of Life. Through our knowledge and personal power, we can nourish and sustain our hearts desires. We have to believe in ourselves. Then, we can achieve anything — even the impossible. 


This New Moon is an ideal time to inspire ourselves. We still have a little more time left in 2019 to implement our resolutions that we started in January. We still have time to put our resolutions into reality. Under this New Moon, it’s important we take stock of our ideals and desires — not only to manifest them into reality, but to also understand our future visions. 


Light four purple candles (purple is the color associated with Sagittarius) and place them in each corner of the room. Close your eyes and meditate on your childhood dreams. Think about where your youthful goals have taken you. Are you living your dreams? Have you strayed from the path? Keep all of these thoughts in mind as you write a letter to your future self (that should be read on May 26, 2021 during the lunar eclipse, which marks the end of this lunar cycle). State your goals for the upcoming decade. What is your personal tagline? How can you achieve your desires? Once you are done penning the letter, place it in a box and bury it (or keep it hidden in your closet until May 26, 2021). Now that you’ve put your personal desires out into the universe, it’s time to shoot for the stars and attain your dreams.



*The New Moon occurs November 26th at 7:05AM PST and 10:05AM EST.