Happy New Moon In Virgo

by Hoodwitch

"Peace is an attribute in you. You cannot find it outside." 

Happy New Moon in the Earthy sign of Virgo! The Virgo new moon is an excellent time to offer healing to others. After our Leo new moon party back in August it's now time to clean up our act and to turn our attention to matters of our health + hygiene. The practical aspects of Virgo cleans house, and she is ready to set things in order.


Purifying and organizing are key factors of focus. It's time to take responsibility in cleaning up the messes we've been leaving behind (literally and figuratively) Virgo New Moon brings some painstaking attention to detail, and house cleaning truly is an excellent way to work through Virgo transits. During the Virgo new moon, women are mentally very active, however there may be tendencies to focus on excessive criticism of oneself as well as others. Emotionally, this is an inward time.  Use this time to reflect on personal relationships, meditation is key! Solitude is not loneliness.




Virgo new moon meditation: While sitting in silence, breathe in the sign of Virgo(protection, nurturing, sustaining life) and place it into your heart center. Visualize the color of royal blue surrounding you and ask that your energies be purified and cleansed as you prepare to willingly release all obstacles and impurities so that you may become a sacred container for the divine energy of the moon.

Herbs: Chamomile, Frankincense, Cedar.

Crystals: Selenite , Clear Quartz , Lapis Lazuli