Happy New Moon In Scorpio 2018

by Hoodwitch


Blurred Lines: Manifesting with the Scorpio New Moon


Written by  Lisa Stardust


The Scorpio New Moon, occurring November 7th, serves as a time to heighten sensations, allowing us to swim in the deepest depths of our souls imaginable, through the magical power of the orgasm. Tantric Magic can help us manifest our dreams through the flow of energy.

Scorpio is a transformative sign, with  a restorative vibe, which can allow people to heal and transform under its influence. Use this luminary to open your mind through Tantric Magic. Alchemical power is transformational. There’s no better way to elevate our magic and mind than through sexual experience, which according to Tantra is a heightened state of sacred-spiritual awareness, by opening up our heart, sacral, and crown chakras.

Let’s talk about sex, bb!

Sexual energy is the source of life and Tantra is a vehicle that may be used for cultivating and transforming it for personal, spiritual, sexual and non-sexual healing and growth.

Tantra allows us to clear our minds and rid our bodies of emotional pain, fear, shyness, and feelings of inadequacy. Tantra can help us liberate, “rewire,” develop, and learn to control our chakric energies, allowing us to open to heart-centered love and be the recipient of sexual healing. 

Tantra has the potential to transform and expand our perception of and relationship with ourselves, our lovers, and the universe. It opens the doorway for more self acceptance, love, connection with universal energy, and a broader, fuller, deeper experience of life. Being at one with our bodies and minds will help guide our intuition and clear your chakras, which allows us to be more connected to the spiritual plane, thus, heightening our magical powers.

Before we begin with the two Tantra exercises, think about your intention. Mediate for a few minutes on what you wish to bring into your life under this luminary. Also, think about what no longer serves your higher good. Once you have envisioned your desires, you can begin the techniques below. With your intention in mind, start these exercises. Then, when you are done, with your intention still present, you may pleasure yourself. Your orgasms will be bountiful, and you will have a pleasurable correlation between your body and New Moon intention, allowing you to achieve your goals.

These exercises serve as a way to detox the body by engaging the powerful sacral chakra, through the tingling sensations of an orgasm,  which will allow personal healing and transformation. This newfound clarity will purify the body. By achieving a clear mind, your inner vibration will rise, allowing your highest self to radiate in your magic.

Spinal Cord Breathing vitalizes the spine, increases flexibility, improves natural flow of cerebrospinal fluid, stimulates the adrenal and thymus glands and relaxes the back so you can sit more comfortably in prolonged meditation. This technique may be practiced standing with a straight spine or sitting with a comfortably straight spine in a hard, straight backed chair without leaning against the back of the chair.

- Exhale and relax.

- As you inhale, gently arch your lower back, tuck in your chin and bring your fists to your shoulders. Let your chest and ribcage spread open and as you push air out of your abdomen, retract your shoulders and fists, bring your shoulder blades together, press your neck back and gently clench your teeth.

- Exhale as you push and curl your lower back and head forward and arch your back like a cat as you bring your elbows forward, your forearms together, fists to your chest (fingers facing your chest) and try to touch your chin to your chest.

- Repeat 36 times.

Tongue Extenstion engages the respiratory, pelvic floor, and diaphragm. It oxygenates and strengthens the tongue.

- Exhale and compress your abdomen bringing your navel toward your spine.

- Exhale again, forcing out the residual air and thrust your tongue forward out of your mouth.

- Continue to hold your breath out and extend your tongue as much as possible to the left, up, right and down 6 times while rotating your eyes in tandem. Reverse direction. Be advised, you may feel your perineum located between the genitals and anus moving in tandem with your tongue.

- When your out of breath, inhale strongly. As air rushes in your body, it will also oxygenate and strengthen your tongue and tendons and promote strong energy flow up through the central channel.

*The Scorpio New Moon occurs November 7th at 8:02AM PST and 11:02AM EST.