by Hoodwitch
Artwork by Manzel Bowman

Artwork by Manzel Bowman


Our New Moon is in the Earthy cardinal sign of Capricorn the goat.  New Moon's magick is beneficial in helping to plant the "seeds" (intentions + goals) so to speak. Watch your "seeds" sown at the dark moon grow by asking to be supported in getting your new projects off the ground. From now until the time of the full moon is the time for culmination. Use the energy of Capricorn moon to stabilize your foundation materially. Capricorn New Moon concerns leadership, issues of security, and responsibility, it's time to take care of business! 

The new Moon in Capricorn is also excellent for using alternative healing methods. This not only helps to bring balance within our physical bodies but will also assist in intensifying our powers of concentration (mentally.

We can use the moon's energy to pay full attention to our needs for security, our duties, our drives and also our obligations. What are your ambitions? Take time for yourself to relax, set these goals, and  go for them. Capricorn moon energy ask us to be persistent and ambitious while remaining sensitive to others and staying out of negative or pessimistic mind states that may drag us down. 



Written by Lisa Stardust for The Hoodwitch.com

photography by Christto Andrew

photography by Christto Andrew

Crisp Capricorn New Moon Spells for Abundance and Career

Experiencing a financial lull as bills arrive in the mail from this past holiday season? Is there a dream job you've fantasized about and think it is out of reach?  With some quick magic, you can obtain the impossible and have a reversal of fortune. Under this Capricorn New Moon, January 17th, ask the universe for abundance. Push yourself professionally to bring in new opportunities—ask for more cha-ching to your bank account, by giving your life a much needed occupational and fiscal face lift. In true earthy fashion, where less is more, we’re gonna keep the Capricorn New Moon spell work simple, babes. By only using natural herbs which are easily accessible. Just be clear in your intention as you do your spell work. Stand in your truth  and your power to manifest your most authentic dream. Here’s your manifestation guide to cosmic bling.


Money Manifestation

More Money, More Bling$

Add a splash of bergamot to your wallet, wrists, or even rub on your hands to attract monetary gifts from the universe during this New Moon. This citrus flavored oil attracts abundance and love from the heavens, and will make it rain with gold in  your bank account. People will want to give you money with no strings attached. Nothing is easier than free money being given to you, simply because you are awesome!


Cast Off Debts

Snakeroot, a magical name for black cohosh, casts off creditors. While you manifest abundance during this New Moon, you may need some time to work your magic. Use snakeroot around your home to cast off debt collectors and bills from arriving in the mail as you create your new financial foundation. Snakeroot will buy you some time to attract prosperity.


Change Your Money Luck

Using soaps or lotions containing pennyroyal, aka mint, will cleanse you of bad money luck during this New Moon, clearing financial  roadblocks. Not only will your body quiver from the menthol  buzz, but, your bank account will start to tingle from the increase of funds available.  


Bring In New Money

During these blistery winter days, we all love a good cup of chamomile tea. However, did you know loose leaf chamomile can bring money and abundance toward you? Not only will this tea calm your stress levels, it will bring an end to your financial woes. Brew a fresh pot of tea, sprinkle some chamomile around you, and meditate on gaining more bounty to your wallet. Simply drinking a cup of chamomile tea during this New Moon can revive your finances.


Organic New Moon Spells for Career


New Moon Interview 

Frankincense is an ancient herb used to bring in good fortune. Before emailing your resume out, or, having your job interview during the Capricorn New Moon, purchase some frankincense to expedite landing your dream job. By sprinkling  some resin on your computer screen before sending off your resume, your skills will be swiftly noticed. Add a dash of frankincense behind your ear--and your interviewer will be enamored by your skill-set.


Get Your Career Goals Started

Sandalwood is great to manifest your career goals. Simply burn some sandalwood and cover your caldron with your handwritten letter of intention. Let the smoke set in to the paper, as it burns through into the air, your dreams will be sent off into the universe. Your spirit guides will help bring your plans to life under the watchful eye of Moon Goddess Luna.


Manifest Chill Work Vibes

Hawthorn, a herb associated with magical protection, can protect you against cruel conditions at work. Tired of having small talk with your annoying office mate, or, being nagged by your boss 24/7? Try adding some hawthorn berries to your office as décor to cast off the negative work vibes. You can make a tasty liquor from the berries to serve at the weekly office happy hour under this New Moon to create a chill work environment and bring in fresh energy.


Promotion Manifestation

Lusting after the new job opportunity available at your company? Want your boss to take notice of your hard work? Write your New Moon wish on a bay leaf and place in each of your shoes during this luminary. Bay leaf can be found at your local grocery store and is a herb used for gain. As you walk through your office, stand tall and proud. Your recent work efforts will be noticed by all, as well as your strength and drive. Bay leaf will bring the promotion and ambitions you desire to a head. And, don't worry, you won't smell like a salad!