Happy Full Moon~ 2017

"Am I willing to shine the light of my soul into all of my dark places?"

Happy First Full Moon of 2017! A full moon that occurs between December 22 and January 20th will be in the watery sign of Cancer. 

Cancer is associated with home, family, and yes of course, intense emotions. Cancer is also associated with the past and old patterns of behavior. We must do the work of releasing old wounds, grudges, or past hurts if we are to move beyond the feelings of isolation and fear that are two common feelings during this watery moon’s transit. Cancer in astrology is ruled by the Moon. With tonight’s Full Cancer moon we have the Mother in all her glory, sailing high in the heavens and asking us to call forth our personal power, and psychic awareness. This is a time where we may need to examine the influence of  Mother. Not just our physical (biological) Mothers, but the mother within, the nurturer, and the caretaker. Whom and what will she nourish? The Full Cancer Moon’s journey is all about moving from isolation and fear to a place of self- compassion and a deep knowing of where we belong.

Full Moon Magick 

Cancer Moon's are helpful, quiet, and domestic. This is the time to work magick around all matters to do with: 

  • Family, children, Fertility
  • Nurturing the imagination
  • Dreams
  • Ancestors, and tradition
  • Working with the home
  • Ocean
  • Healing the stomach, breasts,or lymphatic system

Candle Color: White

Crystals: Rose Quartz = Unconditional love, healing, nurturing.  

Essential oils of: Chamomile, Lavender, Rosemary



Sitting in silence, welcome in the energies of Cancer and it's ruler the Moon (and Neptune). In your mind's eye, travel down to the primordial source, the Mother . Here is our foundation, the ground and essence of our being. Allow yourself to rest safely in her loving arms, or to float in the darkness of the warm waters of her womb. However this "Mother" figure  presents herself to you, allow her  presence to support you, to nurture you. Open yourself to Universal love.