Goddess of the Week - Michel’le


Name: Michel’le

Location: Atlanta, Ga

Astrological Sign/rising: Capricorn sun, Virgo Rising

Occupation: Writer/Journalist,  co-founder of the Gold Effect, a campaign that highlights people and their effect on the world.

Which Goddess or Goddess Archetype do you most identify with and why?

The Goddesses I most identify with are Hathor and Bastet. I identify with Hathor the Egyptian goddess of love and happiness because love is the medicine that heals the world and I want to embody that notion. I understand the feeling of being broken and swimming in your own murky tormented waters. I want to touch people in a way where they are healed from their own internal and external destructive struggles and I want to give them the power and strength to heal others just the same. I need people to understand that we can go through darkness and still maintain our inner light and love. The second goddess I Identify with is Bastet a protectress and the goddess of pleasure and cats whom is said to be gentle and affectionate but also extremely fierce and protective.  In earlier days she was known for her fierceness and as time passed her gentle nature became more pronounced and she became a mother goddess. Her docile yet aggressive nature is something that resonates strongly within me. I wouldn’t be shocked if she reincarnated herself in my body to be honest. Hathor is the goddess who I look to embody while Bastet is the goddess who resonates with who I am.

How do you get in touch with/unleash your inner goddess?

I unleash my inner goddess to myself by writing and attempting to understand the world I live in while learning about who I am and my purpose in the world I live in, it usually happens at night, at my desk when I’m naked and full of wine. I get into touch with my inner goddess to the people (the separation is necessary) by making sure their voices are heard in a proper, proactive and productive light. I won’t stop talking, listening or observing till a person has figured out why they are here on their earth and what makes them happy. We get so caught up in pleasing others that we forget who we are and how we want to affect the ones around us. I’m tired of seeing people who are not full of light and spirit but are full of obligations, word vomit, foreign voices, sadness and ego. I want everyone to be free. This also usually happens at night when I am full of wine, and depending on who the person is I may be naked.  

What is your Goddess superpower?

My goddess superpower are my eyes. As a little girl I never talked much, so I communicated with my eyes. I don’t have to say much for a person to know how I’m feeling.

Will You join us in the sacred twerk circle?
So I'm just learning how to twerk fluidly but I am Jamaican so you know theres no hinges on this waist.

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