The last Full Moon of 2019 occurs December 11th PST and December 12th EST (the day before Friday the 13th on the East coast) in Gemini. This luminary give us all the strength and courage to express ourselves to others which may ruffle some feathers and cause arguments. The silver lining is that the will be able to let go of the hostility we’ve been holding on to before the New Year. 

The ruler of the Gemini Moon, Mercury, is currently in impulsive Sagittarius (a sign known to be blunt and not known for expressing matters or emotions carefully). Mercury will be making a minor connection with austere Saturn right after the completion of this luminary. This means we will all want to make snide comments about the past. Right before the Full Moon, Mercury and Uranus retrograde share a minor aspect, which adds a spark of passion to our words. We are dealing with fraught energy that will create inner tensions to boil over, as we feel inclined to say what’s truly on our minds to others. 

Hours before the Full Moon, Venus and Saturn collide. The following day,Venus and Pluto meet up. This will push us to heal our hearts and purify our spirit. We will also want to cleanse our minds of past negativity in the process. After all, we’ve been holding on to this emotional baggage for a while, waiting for the perfect opportunity to evolve. The time has come. It is now. 

Desirous asteroid Eris adds a lusty and emotional flavor to the Full Moon, while warrior warrior Pallas and intense Ixion oppose the lunar point by aligning with the Sun. This means the temptation to fight back is high — even though we know not to engage in the drama. The Full Moon is activated by a square from the fierce asteroid Lilith, who isn’t in the mood to be subservient anymore. In fact, she’s angry and on a rampage. 

The fixed star Bellatrix who is known for its sharp tongue and biting words will link up with the Gemini Moon, adding a powerful energy to the luminary. We will all want to lose our cool and pop off on others — even though that will lead to bigger confrontations. This is why the ritual for the Cold Full Moon in Gemini is meant to liberate and set our emotions free without conflict.

Ritual for the Full Moon:

Take a few slow breaths in and out of your nose. Allow the air to fill up your lower lungs then upper lungs before releasing. Hold your breath until the count of three, then exhale. Think of each breath as a chance to detox your body of negative energy. Feel the sensations leave your body and permeate into the air, away from you. 

After you’re done with the breathing exercise, close your eyes and meditate on a person or situation you would like to talk to or about. Write a letter to them expressing your sentiments. Write your truth and be clear about your feelings. Instead of sending to them, mail to a fake address. This way, you can let go of all of your emotions — the good, the bad, and the ugly — without creating arguments or drama. This will free you from the past and enable you to let go. You can now move forward and start fresh in any direction you choose having stated your truth to the universe. The intent is to release anger and hostility without confrontation. 

*The Full Moon occurs on December 11th at 9:12PM PST and December 12th at 12:12AM EST.