Flower Power: Magic for the Taurus New Moon

by Hoodwitch


Written by Lisa Stardust

As the Taurus New Moon arrives May 15th, it’s time to give our senses a spring awakening. In order to create new possibilities under the New Moon, it’s essential to ignite the sensual earthy delights of Taurus.


New Moons serve as a push from the universe to release the old and bring in the new. Under this luminary, it’s important to visualize your subconscious desires coming to life, as well as taking steps to share your latent or concealed talents with the world.

Calming the body with therapeutic methods helps us to let go of the past and allow ourselves to speak our truth with less hesitation. Lifting the weight of our past experiences and telling our stories opens us up to inspiration and allows our creativity to pour out of us like water from a faucet! With the intention of growth, our dreams can enter the world in tangible ways as wonderful projects or new relationships, but only if these things are rooted in truth.

One of our current seasonal therapeutic herbs and flowers is lavender. Lavender oil is an organic remedy for cosmic, magical spring cleaning and rejuvenation of the throat chakra and body. Lavender is a flower which balances the throat chakra, which is ruled by Taurus, and our voice, the power source of all creative manifestations, which connects us to the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental energies together through flowers, which are gifts of earth.

Opening up the throat chakra under the New Moon with lavender oil will bridge the heart and subconscious to manifest our personal artistry (singing, dancing, music, writing—all Taurean delights)  and share our visions with the rest of the world.



• A few sprigs of fresh lavender, or, a handful of dried lavender.

• A glass quart mason jar with a lid, or, if you’re feeling thrifty, a clean and empty pickle jar.

• Storax oil.

• Sunlight.


• Start clean! Make sure the glass jar and your hands are clean before you start your New Moon magic. Make sure there is no water present in the jar and your hands are dry, as water can be an issue if mixed with the infusion.

• Write down your New Moon intention on wish paper or tissue paper.

• Burn the paper. As the paper burns into the ether, catch the ashes into a glass jar.

• Cut fresh lavender flowers or crush dried lavender into small pieces. If you use fresh buds, you will need to let the lavender dry out for 3 days in the sunlight before using for the oil. Therefore, using dried buds may be better.

• Fill the glass jar with lavender stems and buds.

• Pour storax oil over the flowers, stopping 1.5 inches away from brim of jar, covering all of the lavender.


• Close jar air tight.

• Place the jar in the sunlight for 24-48 hours, letting the floral infusion soak up the lunar vibration of the New Moon.

• Shake the jar several times a day, until you see the lavender losing color, to blend the properties from the flowers into the oil.

• After 24- 48 hours (depending on how potent you want the oil to be), strain the oil by placing a pot under the strainer to catch the lavender oil, separating the buds and stems, which has absorbed  your New Moon intention.

• Place a drop oil on your heart, wrists, or behind your ears to catch a pulse, so the oil is felt pulsing through your blood. Place another drop of oil on your throat chakra.

• With a clear mind and open heart, meditate for 15 minutes on your New Moon intention.

• Use the energy ignited by opening up your throat chakra, to the truth, to manifest your new dreams for the New Moon.

• Store in a dark shelf to keep the oil fresh and to use at a later time.