Finding Freedom under the Capricorn Solar Eclipse

by Hoodwitch

Astrology by Lisa Stardust

The first eclipse of the year is upon us in earthy Capricorn. While some may be toting this magical luminary as a “partial” eclipse, the effects will be strongly felt across the board. A solar eclipse occurs when the Earth and the Sun align tightly. The Moon glides between the Earth and the Sun. What classifies this luminary as a “partial” eclipse, is that we are able to see a slip of light from the Sun, allowing us to see reason and truth during the eclipse. Solar eclipses are similar to New Moons (Dark Moons). They represent a new beginning and chapter in our lives.


The solar eclipse is the second part of the story that unfolded under the Last Quarter Moon December 29th. During this time, we all made personal discoveries about ourselves, as well as realizations about situations and relationships. This eclipse serves as a new understanding and perspective of such matters, allowing us to decide which direction to move towards.


The Capricorn eclipse falls between restrictive Saturn and transformative Pluto, with Neptune making soft waves along these planets. This eclipse marks the impetus of our personal renaissance, the first steps towards inner evolution. Also, a time to implement those impending New Year’s Resolutions, before they get placed on the back burner.


The eclipse falls close to the South Node of Destiny, which can bring up frustrations due to ambiguity and uncertainty in how to move forward. While we desperately want to change, the South Node will make it hard to evolve, as the universe will throw obstacles our way. Neptune will add confusion, causing uncertainty around our emotions and relationships—even causing anxiety. Fears may come to a head today, making us feel lost in the dark. Letting go of worries is essential, as they are the cause of inner stagnation. Some may choose to assert their power and authority in relationships. Others may choose to take control of their own lives and plant seeds for the future, with the intention of manifesting a realistic approach toward achieving  dreams.


The one universal truth this eclipse allows us to see, is that we all must take back our autonomy, power, and control. Releasing ourselves from the constraints that hold us back is essential under this luminary, as we move towards a place of individual freedom and independence. Elevate your mind, body, and spirit today by honoring your truest desires and yourself. Using the slither of light from the Sun for hope and promise for the future. Let go of the past and move into the now. Be present. Feel free. Remember, “every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.” We have the power today to write the next chapter in our lives today. We must all move toward change, while releasing the negative emotions and energy that hold us back from achieving our goals.


Under this eclipse, road opener oil will enable us to achieve our dreams, permitting us to escape Neptune’s illusive fog, enabling us to see the promise that waits ahead. The oil will allow us all to clear the pathway for our goals and success.


*The Capricorn solar eclipse occurs January 5th at 5:28PM PST and 8:28PM EST.





-Florida Water

-Orange Peel

-Abre Camino

-Bay Leaves

-Black Salt or Sea Salt

-Glycol Oil

-Mortar and Pestle

-Mason Jar





-Place the Orange Peel, Abre Camino, Bay Leaves, and Salt in the Mortar, then grind with the Pestle.


-Add to Mason Jar.


-Add a Capful of Florida Water.


-Add 11 drops of Glycol Oil.


-Close the Jar.


-Shake the Jar to mix all ingredients.


-Anoint your wrists or forehead with oil.