Crystal Meditation: Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz crystals are ideal for working with all matters of the heart. They facilitate the warmth of the pink ray of the divine light spectrum. The healing that rose quartz offers are for matters particularly directed at the heart center (4th Chakra) where traumatic memories and emotional wounds may be festering..and  for many lifetimes.

In this visualization, we will be infusing the divine vibrations of the rose quartz crystals into the heart center, where emotional wounds and memories can be resolved and transmuted. This practice allows the opening of the heart center for the true, altruistic expression of Love. 

Many times the emotional traumas sustained in our lives severely impact our minds and bodies which  cause poor self esteem, and in some cases self-esteem isn't ever given an opportunity to develop at all. Abusive relationships, Academic failures, peer pressure, financial instability and many other factors contribute and influence our perceptions and sense of self worth. Frequently these emotional conditions and factors damage us and become attached to our heart center. This results in the heart center becoming shielded  or "blocked". Subsequently, the heart center closes making individuals less cognizant of external factors/matters that might cause more wounding, as well as reactionary behaviors when they are confronted by situations that they perceive to be threatening. 

When the heart center suffers from blockage or closing, it can become very difficult (if not impossible) for that person to feel good about him/herself as being a valuable or productive person who is worthy of love and consideration. This heart blockage lessens the possibility of  being able to give love, in the purest form  to another person. By incorporating rose quartz visualizations to your daily meditation practice, you  can repair the damaged, closed heart center and allow yourself to grow emotionally.


You will need:


*Your rose quartz can be any shape/size, tumbled, raw, or polished.

1. Cleanse and bless your crystal, and seat yourself in a quiet , softly illuminated room and center yourself.  Hold the crystal in your left hand , and gaze upon the rose quartz focusing on the warm , gentle vibrational essence of your rose Quartz. Close your eyes and "attune" yourself to the soft pink color of the stone.

2.Begin your rhythmic breathing: inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. As you inhale, visualize a pinky ray emitting from your rose quartz. Allow yourself to visualize this pink ray traveling through your nose with each breath, filling your chest and lungs and then moving directly into your heart center. Breathe deeply, and allow the pink rays to fill your entire heart center and chest cavity with warming, comforting sensations of love. Continue to breathe, enjoying the soft, consoling pink vibrations.

As you exhale, visualize all tensions stress, and emotional discordance leaving your body in dark swirls of energy that you expel from your mouth. Bless your discordant energies  as they leave you in the name of any divine higher power you deem appropriate, and allow them to dissolve into the ether where they may find peace.

3. As you go deeper into your meditation, you may not your breathing becoming more shallow, you might even experience tingling, warming, invigorating sensations that fill you with new appreciation for life. Again, allow the ray of pink light to fill your entire body, shimmering pink vibrational energy moving from your heart center and throughout your limbs. Visualize yourself radiating with the pink ray from head to toe. Feel your body in attunement with your rose quartz crystal. Allow yourself  to feel self love, self worth, and love for all. See that there is hope for a better life condition. Feel your body radiating with the gentle glow.

4. When you are ready to end your rose quartz meditation, count backwards from ten to one. at the count of one, open your eyes and breathe deeply. Enjoy the warm sensations that you feel, remain seated or in whichever comfortable position you were in prior to starting the visualization.