Charge it Up: A Clothing and Sigil Protection Spell

Written by Gabriela Herstik Photography by Alex Herstik

We navigate this life through the clothes we wear, moving through our everyday activities cloaked in fabric that influences our reality, whether we acknowledge it or not. What we do, or do not, wear has an impact on our experiences and by working with our clothing as another layer of our energetic body we are able to infuse some extra energy into our everyday lives.
This spell is designed to help you feel extra, whether you need some good luck for a job interview or some sacred protection during travels, and it can be used, manipulated and repeated to your heart’s desire. As with any magick, take what speaks to you -- use the general outline of this spell, the words or the format to create your own ritual. This spell is best worked during the New or Waxing Moon or whenever you need some extra TLC, and especially on a Tuesday or Thursday.

What you'll need:

  • A piece of clothing or an outfit (to charge)
  • Paper and a pen or pencil
  • Sage and a lighter
  • Any extra correspondences:
  • Black tourmaline, obsidian, smoky quartz, amber or amethyst
  • Mugwort or lavender
  • Black, white, green, light blue or orange candles
  • Salt


1.    Set up your space
Cleanse your space by burning sage,  mugwort or lavender and ask to only make room for that which serves you and is working in your highest favor. Have your clothing of choice in front of you, near an altar, facing North if you’re called to it. You can sprinkle salt in the corners of your room and cast a circle if you need some extra protection. After cleansing your space take some time to sit and focus on what energy and intention you want your clothing to hold.

2.    Create your sigil
Start out with an intention. What do you want to charge your clothing with? Make it into a mantra! It can be anything from “I will be protected and safe during my flight across country” to “I am protected, confident and my most capable self in these clothes.” Write your chosen mantra on your paper, and cross out all the vowels and repeated consents you see. Using the remaining letters, create a symbol from the remaining consonants.  Be creative -- make something that feels right -- you should see a symbol and not a bunch of letters. You want to think of the intention and not the actual words. Play around, and once you’re happy with your sigil spend a couple of minutes sitting with it, envisioning and charging it in your mind’s eye.
3.    Infuse it
Now that you have your chosen sigil, it’s time to infuse it into your clothing! Grab your sage and lighter and stand or sit with your clothing in front of you. Take your time to feel grounded and embodied in the message you want to infuse into your clothing. Once you’re ready, light your sage, and in the air directly over your clothing, trace your sigil, imagining white light seeping into the cloth of your outfit and infusing it. Say your mantra out loud as you trace the sigil over your clothing two more times. Flip over your clothing and repeat. You can also put the clothing or outfit on, trace the sigil with sage in the air in front of you and walk through the smoke.
4.    Write it out
If you want to really infuse your clothing, you can write your sigil on the tags of your clothing or using a needle and thread, stitch it on. You can even paint your sigil on the soles of your shoes for some extra protection. Be creative -- this is YOUR process.

5.    Sit with it
Once you’ve cast your spell, sit with (or in) your clothing, imagining total and utter love and protection surrounding you. BE your mantra -- feel what it is you want to feel once you wear these charged clothes. When you feel ready, put your forehead to the ground, imagining any extra energy returning to Mother Earth. Open your circle if you cast one, put your clothing on your altar or in a sacred space, and breathe. Recharge whenever you need to.