Celebrating Beltane: Activating and Reclaiming Your Inner Power


Written by Kesaine Walker

Beltane is the celebration of the halfway point between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. It falls exactly opposite Samhain (or Halloween) on the Wheel of The Year. During Beltane, we celebrate life, light, joy, passion, and sensuality, all of which are the most powerful and fertile times of the year and extremely energetically portent for the earth, people, and animals. We connect with the blissful promise of Spring, while embracing the future by igniting the life force energy that exists within us all. It’s time to reconnect with your primal and instinctual inner self, by owning your power (which is important for ritual work and manifesting desires).

How can we begin to embrace and harness this energy?

By activating our sacral chakra which is positioned near the lower abdomen, about two inches below the navel. This is where we generate magnetic energy that attracts things to us such as love, sexuality, creativity, and financial stability. When we're preoccupied and caught up in our outer world and fail to nurture our inner self, which causes drainages within to lessen our divine power. As you empower yourself you inspire those around you to do the same which creates a collective shift around the world.

The sacral chakra is where the yin and yang energy align us to our most powerful and highest self. There’s a natural flow of creativity and sensuality that constantly fills this area when both energies are balanced. We need both energies to help us maneuver through life. The goal is to keep this chakra nurtured and fed—to always be in alignment with our wants, desires, and needs. It is here that we connect to our intuitive, receptive, and emotional nature. This is the sacred home of the self. In order to take responsibility for our emotional connections with others, we must be in tune with ourselves. And, by achieving this, we can connect to our natural selves and carnal desires.

There are several ways to build a healthy relationship with our sacral chakra. By using today's fertile energy, we can plant seeds and give birth to a new powerful version of ourselves. The following are 3 ways to activate and reclaim our sacral power:

Cleanse and balance. Take a bath to cleanse your energy and generate feminine power. Use herbs like frankincense for purification, mugwort for protection, and rosemary for healing. Add roses for love, luck, and protection. Stay present while taking the bath, pay attention to how the water feels on your body. Allow your feelings and emotions to come up. Feel the feelings and emotions as they pass by like clouds in the sky. This is a great way to both release anything that you’re holding on to in your womb area, and become emotionally balanced. Take this time to be still and set the intention to connect to your inner voice. Listen for guidance from your higher self. Use carnelian or citrine crystals to balance your sacral chakra. Carnelian is good for connecting within yourself and finding things that you may need to improve, as well as generating sexual energy. Citrine is good for relaxation, releasing self-destructive tendencies, and communication.

Activate. Through movement (dancing, yoga, chi gong)  your sacral chakra is automatically activated. One of the easiest ways to generate energy and power in this area is through movement. This is also a great way to tap into your creative energy and connect to your body. Try creating a playlist with some of your favorite turn up songs, light some candles, throw on an outfit that makes you feel good, stand in front of a mirror and let loose. Move your hips, wind your waist, and let your movements flow through you naturally. There’s no right or wrong way to move your body.

Ignite the  fire within by releasing the old. In order to own our power, we have to embrace the shadow side of our personalities. Once we face and acknowledge these hidden areas that have been suppressed/needs to be worked on and released, we’re able to stop projecting our issues onto others, which gives us emotional/self-control over most situations. This is where our power lies, in self-control and self-mastery. Use this time to write a farewell letter to your past struggles and the old you. Include all your struggles, obstacles, old patterns, beliefs and habits that have dimmed your inner fire to this day. Once finished, write an intention to release and delete all that no longer serves your personal growth. Burn the letter in a bond fire ceremony, cauldron, or pot. Sprinkle the ashes outside, back on the earth mixed with water to grow the new vision.